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Gemini-Inspired Makeup Looks are All The Talk This Season

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Gemini-inspired makeup looks are all about embracing your wit and charm. It is about running into the wild and getting hands-on with what suits you and attracts you the most.

It is more like playing with vivid sparkly shades followed by dark liners, which can be graphical or plain. Considering the hype of Gemini-inspired makeup, people have taken over the internet with various tutorials and ideas on how to get your desired look.

Moreover, you can always play and experience your long-lost dream of creating something unique and out of the box. This is the era of expressing yourself to the utmost verge and getting yourself out of your comfort zone.

Read on to find out your favorite look that inspires the Gemini inside of you.

Gemini-Inspired Makeup Looks Are All The Talk This Season 1
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Photo By @kxtbonifacio/Instagram

Our first look features a sparkly spectrum of fish scales green, sandwiched by purple and pink blending. To enhance the inner corners, you may use a silver highlighter. Gemini-inspired makeup looks are more about making your eyes look bigger. Therefore, use a white pencil on your lower lash line.

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