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These Summer Makeup Looks are Taking Over The Year 2022

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Playful summer makeup looks are, indeed, taking over the year 2022, in all senses. This year is more about playing with colors and indeed, breaking stereotypes. It is also about appreciating and accepting self preferences.

Also, this year is teaching us to feel comfortable in our own skin and do whatever pleases us regardless of the tagline “what will people say?” With that said, let us also appreciate and celebrate some really cool summer makeup looks.

Furthermore, I have collected some unique yet amazing summer makeup looks for you to select your preference. Let’s dive into the post and let us know which look you liked the most.

These Summer Makeup Looks Are Taking Over the Year 2022 1
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Photo By @tominamakeup/Instagram

Followed by spring summer is also about appreciating colors and playing with them. Blend the orange and yellow colors together and do a fox eyeliner. Try some monochromatic elements and matching jewelry, and voila! you’re ready.

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