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The Barbie Ponytail Is Trending: 3 Ways to Get This Look

Spring and summer fashion trends are full of unique shapes, bright prints and fun pieces. These deserve their own seasonally-inspired hair trends that pair perfectly with iconic warm weather pieces as well as fresh, new trends. This year, the Barbie ponytail has been a popular addition to many recent outfits. It’s a refreshing take on a classic ponytail that’s bouncy, flattering and full of body. Here’s a look at the style and a few different ways to rock the iconic hairstyle worn by Barbie herself!

What Is a Barbie Ponytail?

Barbie, better known as everyone’s favorite and most stylish doll, has remained a childhood staple toy, fashion icon and collector’s item for decades. Whether she’s working one of her many jobs, hanging out with the girls or riding in the passenger seat of Ken’s cool convertible, she has her blonde hair pulled up into a fabulous ponytail. The Barbie ponytail features a recognizable swoop, lots of volume and a section of hair wrapped around the base of the ponytail itself.

Though the classic Barbie pony is versatile and super stylish, there are other fun takes on the hairstyle that are definitely worth trying, too. Many of these only require a brush, a curling iron or straightener and a few professional hairstyling products.

1. Tried and True Barbie Ponytail:

It doesn’t get much better than the real thing. This is especially true for iconic hairstyles like the Barbie ponytail. It’s also a great way to enhance other ponytail styles for a fun and flirty look fit for any occasion.

To get the classic Barbie pony, start by lifting the first few layers of hair around the crown of the head and securing them into a clip for later. Then, create sturdy volume underneath that section by teasing the next layer. Tease a little for a subtle bump or more for true Barbie vibes. Unclip the top section of hair and cover the teased section to reveal a smooth top layer of hair with volume underneath before securing all of the hair into a high ponytail.

Next, backcomb again at the top of the ponytail near the elastic to create the Barbie ponytail swoop. Give the ends lots of body and movement by curling them in one-inch sections with a large barrel curling iron and then brush through them repeatedly until a single curved shape begins to form. Take a small section of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic at the base a few times before securing the end of the section discreetly with a pin. Make the Barbie ponytail last all day by using hairspray to eliminate flyaways and lock in the iconic shape.

2. Sporty and Sleek:

In addition to her long list of other hobbies, Barbie always loves a good workout. She’s never caught in old sweats and a messy bun, but rather dressed in her cutest athleticwear with a sporty version of her classic pony! Much like her classic ponytail look, anyone can pull off this style and pair it with a workout look or athleisure ensemble.

For a sporty-inspired ponytail approved by Barbie herself, tone down or skip the initial fluffing and backcombing at the crown of the head. Keep the look smooth, sleek and close to the head and secure it super high for a bit of balance. Once the hair is secured and the root section is sprayed down for security, revert back to classic Barbie volume and body for any hair that spills out of the ponytail elastic. Salon-approved texture hair products will help keep the sporty-yet-stylish look in place throughout any workout. Plus, it’s a great hairstyle option for second or third-day hair.

3. Special Occasion Ponytail:

A Barbie-inspired ponytail can also be worn to more formal events! With a special occasion Barbie ponytail, the possibilities are truly endless. It’s a great way to customize an elevated look, give some length to an updo and highlight the facial features. Pair one of these with a sparkly cocktail dress, statement earrings and Barbie pink lipstick, of course.

A Barbie-approved party pony is much like the classic Barbie ponytail with just a few extra steps. Once volume is created near the top of the head and the ponytail is secured, go in with a smaller curling iron to create lots of spirals in small sections. Brush or comb through the hair lightly to maintain individual waves and backcomb near the top of the ponytail for extra body. Use hairspray and other hairstyling products to keep the look in place. Instead of securing the wraparound piece with a hidden pin, consider a jeweled clip or decorative hair comb to add a bit more flair.

Ponytails are known for being easy hairstyles, and the Barbie ponytail elevates this simple style. Whether you’re out running errands or getting ready for a fun event, try out the iconic Barbie ponytail style for an on-trend look that takes just minutes to create.

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