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Five Ways Millennials Are Changing the World

Times are changing fast, in case you hadn’t noticed. The advancement of technology has ushered in a new age of convenience; emphasis on education has brought new enlightenment; and the realization that we can be anyone we want to be has brought new priorities in the lives of young people today. There’s no doubt that Millennials are changing the world when you consider these five facts about how they live life today.

They’ve Thrown Tradition Out the Window

Consider how the vast majority of baby boomers have lived their lives: college followed high school, marriage followed college, children followed marriage, and careers were built slowly over time. Though some Millennials follow in the footsteps of their parents and are happy doing so, a large portion of them have tossed tradition out the window. Many are traveling the world before college or even in its stead: believing that much more can be learned from other cultures than in a classroom.

They’re choosing experience and self focus over jumping quickly into a marriage where their needs are divided with another’s: they won’t know how to meet someone else’s needs before learning how to meet their own. Finally, where kids used to be an expected part of life, they’re choosing to make the decision for themselves; they’ve realized kids simply aren’t for everyone.

They’re Chasing Their Dreams at Whatever Cost

Stability was the name of the game for baby boomers: secure a job that pays well and keep it for many, many years. Nowadays? Millennials use careers as resume boosters, as a means to an end. College or no college, they’re going for what they want and they’re using everything in their path to get there. This has much to do with the next way that Millennials are changing the world.

They’re Taking Risks

Sure, it’s a gamble to quit that steady job to drive Uber and start your own business; but Millennials consider it a risk worth taking. Whether it’s the pursuit of a lifelong dream or making a decision on a whim, millennials have gotten really good at seeing the risk and confronting it head on with no fear. Another way they’re taking risks? In the stock market. Big risk means big return; baby boomers are terrified of that.

They’re Focused on What Matters

Millennials aren’t drawn to the bright and shiny objects that drew their parents, at least not for long. They’d rather spend their money on experiences, on helping others, and on preserving the earth and its inhabitants more than splurging on that high-end leather handbag (ew, animal skin). Because of their focus and their priorities, they’re usually well traveled, well cultured, and they care deeply about environmental and societal issues- what really matters.

They’re Sharing Everything

Millennials are taking full advantage of sharing resources – ride share,
Air BnB, and other resources keep them from growing roots and buying things like cars or homes. By taking full advantage of these services, Millennials are able to be more free, do much more traveling, and experience more than their parents ever did. How? Sharing services are cheap, and incredibly convenient; there’s no reason not to.

It’s true: Millennials really are changing the world with the way they’re living; don’t believe us? Talk to a Millennial and see for yourself where their priorities lie.


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