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The Manymoons: The Latest Travel Trend from Millennial Newlyweds

The newlyweds that belong to the millennial generation have other expectations when it comes to enjoying their honeymoon. Of course, it has to do with creating their own rules when it comes to travel trends. So, instead of having a honeymoon that would last several weeks at an exotic, distance location, they are changing things up. Due to their hasty lifestyle and ambitious professional goals, these couples prefer to organize “several” honeymoons.

The term “manymoons” has emerged and it refers to this phenomenon and it’s the predilection among those couples that put their work as a priority. They get married one weekend, and after the ceremony and saying “yes” to each other, they simply schedule different honeymoon trips without rushing it all in the next weeks.

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For example, they can choose a quick trip to a destination such as Disneyland and a month later embark on an adventure to Thailand. A couple weeks later they will decide to travel to Peru or Colombia, and add on a trip to Festival of Music in Belgium that they always dreamed of attending. Taking advantage of the passage through Europe, they might also visit Paris and take the train to Barcelona to see the Sagrada Familia.

All of this gets done in record time and at different times of the year; this way, they can work around their extraordinary demands at work and still pursue multiple vacations. Of course, this requires a great deal of planning, but this generation knows how to take advantage of their free time and has the most fun taking short trips over the weekend or during the holidays to discover new places.

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Want to plan manymoons for yourself and your future hubby? Simply write down a few of you and your beloved’s top destinations, and schedule them for throughout the year.
This is a great way to make sure that you’ll be relaxing and connecting with each other on each new adventure several times throughout your first year.

If you were confused by having too many options for your eventual honeymoon, you and your partner can take great advantage of the manymoons trend and make your first year a adventurous year full of travel, culture, and romance.

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