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How the Five Love Languages Impact Your Relationship

The 5 Love Languages is an assessment that many people swear by to discover how they express themselves and begin improving their relationships. It was developed by Dr. Gary Chapman as a way to help partners connect better with each other. Based on the premise that there are 5 universal ways to interpret and express love, this test is the result of 30 years of his observations as a marriage counselor.

Dr. Chapman noticed specific patterns in the way partners communicate and coexist. These five universal love languages can help you understand your partner and relationship better. Here’s a brief description of what they signify.

  • Words of Affirmation: Praise, appreciation or words of affection are used to express love
  • Acts of Service: Love and affection are expressed through actions rather than words
  • Receiving Gifts: Giving and receiving tokens of affection are symbolic of love
  • Physical Touch: Physical touch and intimacy are ways of expressing love
  • Quality Time: Love is conveyed by spending quality time together and undivided affection

Love Languages and Relationships

It’s only natural to want your partner to understand how you feel. You may go out of your way to show them how much they mean to you. But it can be frustrating when these words or gestures are not reciprocated. Sometimes the reason your partner doesn’t appreciate you the way you expect them to, is because he or she is attuned to a different love language.

In such a scenario, the love languages can be a useful tool. Understanding your love language and the language your partner relates to most can help iron out kinks in your relationship. You will be able to gain an understanding of what you need from your partner to feel loved and respected. Consequently, you’ll have a better idea of how to demonstrate your feelings by learning to .≤speak’ your partner’s love language.

We all show affection in different ways. By taking the test, you can understand which of these languages you relate to the most. Most of us have one or two languages that are more significant than others. This is different for everyone and for all you know, you and your partner may relate to entirely different languages. By labeling the ways you communicate, you will be able to understand each other a little better.

Final Thoughts

Understanding the five love languages is a great jumping off point to help you express love and affection in an impactful way. Communication is the first step to build a happy, lasting relationship that grows stronger year after year.


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