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Fire sales: How to maximize the chances of selling your home fast

In some cases, a slow house sale can make a whole chain collapse. Unfortunately, they do happen, with some properties taking years to sell.

On the plus side, it doesn’t always have to be like this. Sure, some homes are more suited to faster sales and there’s no doubt that location will play a big part in this. In fact, in some regions there is almost a waiting list for properties, with homes in these areas in so much demand.

However, there are also some steps that you can take to boost your chances of a faster sale. Sure, luck will always play a part, but stick to the following advice and you might be surprised at the effect it has on the overall process.

A quick point on curb appeal

We’re not going to spend too much time on this first point as if you look hard enough, there are umpteen guides out there which talk about curb appeal and just how you can improve it.

In short, this is the first impression that prospective buyers have on your home. In any walk of life, first impressions matter, and these can be sufficient to make a sizeable difference on the attitude buyers take as they step foot inside your home.

The perils of clutter

While curb appeal might be something of a buzzword in the housing industry, another term falling under this umbrella is clutter.

It’s a topic that has surged in popularity and there are a lot of books out there which talk about how you can effectively transform your life by decluttering your life.

Well, very similar rules apply when you sell your home. If your hallways, kitchen tops and everything else is full of clutter, it becomes very difficult for a potential buyer to imagine living in your home. Ultimately, the chances of that quick sale suddenly deteriorate. Turn to personal storage from Safestore if you require a temporary solution to house such clutter.

Staying neutral

Your bedroom walls might be coated in a vibrant pink, and this might suit your lifestyle down to a tee.

Unfortunately, not everyone is made like this. Everyone’s tastes are different, and people need to imagine themselves residing in your property.

From a paint perspective, what’s the best way of doing this? Turn to neutral wall colours. Sure, a buyer might end up changing them, but it at least makes it easier for a buyer to think about making their stamp on a property.

Be shrewd with kitchen changes

We’re by no means suggesting that you should buy a new kitchen ahead of your house sale, financially this is out of the question and unlikely to make you any sort of money.

However, whether we like it or not, kitchens can sell homes. It means that you need to be shrewd with any changes you make. You don’t have to change the entire room, but installing new door handles or even cupboards can make the world of difference on a small budget.

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