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Ways to Keep Light and Glare Out of Your Home

Most people like to have as much light in their homes as possible. A nice and bright home can be nice sometimes but it is not practical for everyone. Here are some reasons that you may choose to keep light out of your home:

  • Those  who are shift workers or have young children may want to have limited light in order for them and their families to sleep better during the day.
  • If you live in a hot climate, you may want to keep light out of your home in the summer to keep your home cool.    
  • If you often watch TV during the day, sun glare on your TV can be frustrating.    
  • Most methods of blocking sunlight also increase privacy so you can feel comfortable in your home knowing that no one can see you.    

Here are some of the best ways to keep light and glare out of your home.

Install blackout curtains

Blackout curtains are great because you can still let light into your home when you choose to. When the curtains are closed they drastically reduce the amount of sunlight that comes into your home. Keeping the curtains closed on hot days will keep your home cool and comfortable. An added benefit of blackout curtains is that they reduce noise. As a result, you may get a better night’s sleep or day’s sleep in some cases.

Do some strategic landscaping

Landscaping your yard will not only look great but if done correctly you can block a lot of sunlight from coming into your home. Trees and bushes near windows will create shade in your home and backyard, and if placed correctly they can also work as a way of blocking sunshine.

Unplug unused electronics

Some electronics emit light when plugged in. If they are not in use this can make your home brighter than you want it to be. Ensure unused electronics are not plugged in. An added bonus is that your electricity bills will be lower at the end of the quarter.

Tint your windows

Tinting the windows in your home reduces glare and increases privacy during the day. You can have the freedom of having natural light in your home minus the glare. You will be free to have the windows open without having to worry about people looking in. This can be great if you are on maternity leave and or on days you are at home sick and generally spending a lot of time inside during the day.

Just be aware that the windows will not provide privacy at night. If you also want the benefit of privacy, ensure you also have curtains or blinds installed.

Install awnings

Awnings are essentially canopies for your windows. They provide shade and absorb solar energy to prevent your home from becoming hot on hot days. These can work well in conjunction with other methods such as curtains.

Install roller shutters

Roller shutters can completely block out a window if desired. Roller shutters stop glare, sunlight and heat from entering your home. Roller shutters add extra insulation by stopping heat from escaping through your windows in winter and by stopping heat from entering your home in the summer.

If home security is a priority, your roller shutters can also stop intruders from entering through windows.

Some things to remember

You probably do not want your home to be dark all year round. Light and bright homes are usually more aesthetically pleasing than dark homes. They are also better if you plan to sell your home in the future.

If you are investing in a light-blocking method, ensure that you can still let natural light in when desired. You do not want to have to keep your lights on all year round or live in a home with no natural light at all.


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