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Opt-in for an HDB Renovation

Ways in Which You Can Save Cost

Change is the only constant! From your wardrobe to your kitchen and household appliances, everything needs to get changed out. And it’s the homeowner who decides the time for a complete home design and decor renewal. Do you resonate with that? Are you planning to opt-in for a home renovation? If yes, then there are a few critical decisions you need to make, such as:

  • The new home decor design that you want to customize during the renovation
  • The existing home decor elements that you feel are compatible with your new home decor trend
  • Your overall budget capacity

The third point is a vital point to consider. Your budget capacity will decide your home renovation details. However, some homeowners want to draw a line and fix a specific budget limit. Do you want to do the same? If yes, then you should plan wisely and find out ways to save on your HDB renovation. Discussed below are some of the best tried and tested tactics.

Think about the home decor items that you can keep

There’s no need to cancel out on every past home decor element! If your new home decor theme is Nordic or Singapore design patterns, there must be something in your existing home decor items that you can reuse. For instance, if you have chunk stone decor pieces, that would go perfectly with your Nordic decor. On the other hand, if you already have popping-in dinner table sets, you can opt-in for a Singapore home decor trend. You must understand your requirements carefully and retain the decor elements that you feel can be handy. It might be you have to get a couple of the decor items or home appliances repaired before reusing it.

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Reduce the tile work to bring down the expenses

Usually, if you check the cost breakdown for home renovation, you will find tile work to be the most costly bracket. Are you planning to purchase a resale? If yes, it’s a wise decision to select a flat which has favorable flooring that syncs in with the home decor trend that you want to sport. If you already have tiles in your bedroom, living room, washroom and kitchen, don’t change them until required. You can get it cleaned and clear all the accumulated dirt layers and debris. It will help you to save a lot of money.

Instead of using tile work on the floor or wall, you might want to opt-in for various other choices that are available. It includes overlying flooring, such as the vinyl and laminates that are pocket-friendly in terms of the expense.

When you opt-in for vinyl or laminate work, the contractor wouldn’t want to hack the current flooring. Some homeowners say yes to cement screed option for their kitchen as well and add to their savings.

However, there can be a few homeowners who are more worried about the cracks that might occur over time. That is something which will inevitably happen, despite regular upkeep and maintenance. At best, you can delay the time, but the cracks are bound to come. Hence, it is better to choose decor items that are durable and free the tile work as much as possible.

Minimize the in-built cabinetry and substitute with other items you purchased

When you are renovating the first-ever HDB flat, there’s a chance that you are making the most expensive choices. Right from the living room, to other parts of your house, you might fill it with Nordic theme decor. And this is beneficial because it requires very less in-built carpentry. That aside, there are more effortless aesthetics which will make it simpler and also less expensive to implement. If you want you can get the work done in chosen places, such as in the washroom, the wardrobe space, and the kitchen area. If your living looks okay, keep it away from the unnecessary in-built work. That way, you can add to your savings.

If you don’t have carpentry, you can opt-in for the plants as your decorative piece. You can also experiment with loose furniture’s.

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Don’t invest in new rugs

If you have carpets and rugs, you can get the same cleaned. Investing in a brand new oriental rug put a dent in your savings. It’s always better to get the one you have cleaned so that it frees from the dirt and the accumulated debris. A clean carpet looks vibrant and adds to the overall decor.

Get more of white paint

It is one of the best ways to save money! You can use white color and mix and match with other decor items. White color gives a classic and neutralizing impact.

These are some of how you can save cost during your home renovation. You should join hands with a contractor and home decor specialist who can help you attain your objective seamlessly.


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