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Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas To Give To Your Loved One

Eco-friendly gift ideas are becoming more popular in today’s modern society. People are increasingly concerned about the effects that modern materials and practices have on the environment, especially on the Earth’s fragile ecosystems.

By giving eco-friendly gifts, you can give a good example of eco-consciousness to your family and friends, showing them what your intentions are for the planet as a whole. These gifts range from clothing, to home décor, to even food. These environment-friendly gift ideas also come in a variety of price ranges, which means that everyone in your life will benefit from the purchase.

Here are some eco-friendly gift ideas you can give to your loved ones:

  • Recycled Sunglasses

    Spending time in the sun can provide several health benefits. For starters, sunlight is a great source of vitamin D that can help regulate your sleep, ward off stress, and strengthen your immune system. Sunlight can also give you a longer life and keep your bones strong. However, although healthy, you should make sure that you only go out with the proper protective gear because spending time in the sun unprepared can lead to sunburn.

    If your loved ones often spend time under the sun, give them recycled sunglasses from well-known brands. Szade recycled sunglasses, for example, are great eco-friendly gifts because they can protect your loved ones from the sun’s glare, and prevent them from squinting too much when they’re out and about. 

    As the name suggests, recycled sunglasses are made from recycled and bioplastic materials, such as cellulose acetate.
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  • Stainless Steel Straws

    Plastics are one of the biggest contributors of pollution in the world. Plastics release harmful chemicals into the water and air, and damage all ecosystems present. This is the reason why people are urged to minimize or limit their plastic wastes.

    For individuals who want to become eco-friendly consumers, stainless steel straws would be an excellent gift idea. Instead of buying and throwing straws whenever your loved ones will make or buy drinks, they can simply use these stainless steel straws and wash them after every use. 

    Stainless steel straws are very common today, which means you can buy these gifts in different sizes, colors, and shapes. Most stainless steel straws available in the market today come with a thin brush, allowing your loved ones to clean their straws with ease.
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  • Reusable Shopping Bags

    Most grocery stores wrap sold products using paper bags, and although these are eco-friendly, these can be very inconvenient because paper bags can easily get soaked and tear when carrying wet or heavy items. 

    If you want to make things more convenient and easier for your loved ones, give them reusable shopping bags. These items can be very useful as they’ll allow your loved ones to carry around all of their purchases even if these are heavy or wet.

    When giving reusable shopping bags to your loved ones, consider having them customized by having their names printed on them. You can even buy reusable shopping bags from suppliers, and, then, hand paint them to add a personal touch to the gifts.
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  • Natural Lip Balms

    Contrary to popular belief, it’s not only women who need to have their lips moisturized; men should also use lip balms to prevent their lips from cracking. Moreover, lip balms are vital because they protect the lips from drying out, especially when you’re often exposed to cold or humid environments. 

    As one way of spicing up your loved ones’ skin care routines, opt to give them natural lip balms. Unlike traditional lip balms that you can buy from most cosmetic stores, natural lip balms are made from organic oils and beeswax. Using these kinds of products will give your loved ones peace of mind, knowing that they’re not putting any harmful chemicals on their skin.
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  • Bamboo Cooking And Serving Utensils

    The kitchen is definitely one of the most important parts of the house. This is where homeowners prepare meals for their friends and family, and share conversations with them. 

    If you’re thinking about giving an eco-friendly gift to someone who loves to spend time in the kitchen, a set of bamboo cooking and serving utensils will surely make them happy. Aside from being eco-friendly, bamboo kitchen utensils are also lightweight, durable, and stain- and odor-resistant. And, because of its natural wooden finish, giving a set of bamboo cooking and serving utensils to your loved one will surely make their kitchen look more appealing and unique. 

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Think About Your Recipient 

There are many eco-friendly gifts available in the market today. You can find countless physical and online stores that sell these products today. You’ll have too many options to choose from that you’ll end up overwhelmed and stressed when choosing.

To help you narrow down your options, consider the lifestyle or personality of the recipient. Ideally, you should choose to give an eco-friendly gift that will improve their day-to-day living. 

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