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Where To Find Fashion Inspiration From Around the World

Ever asked yourself how leading global designers get to come up with multiple collections in any given year? Season after season, and year after year, yet they never seem to run out of ideas. Many fashion designers and fashion enthusiasts can gain a lot of inspiration from all corners of the world. Sometimes, they don’t even need to travel to these destinations in person as they can use the internet and social media to see what fashion is trending there. One of the leading platforms at the moment for online trends is TikTok. This year, Chinese street style is taking over TikTok, with many impeccable streetwear being showcased by users on the platform. For those looking for some fashion inspiration right now, here are some ways to become inspired in no time at all.

Attending galleries & art museums

Fashion museums and art galleries are excellent sources of primary research for a designer looking for inspiration. Firstly, the two contain a large collection of varied historical treasures, objects, and artifacts.

Secondly, they serve as a host to numerous specialty exhibitions, that can either be in regards to architects, artists, and fashion designers. Some of the recommended galleries and art museums include:

• Sir John Soane’s Museum in London

• The Christian Dior Museum and Garden in Granville, France

• Museo Ferragamo in Florence, Italy

• MoMA in New York

Browsing vintage archives

You may not know this, but the best designers rarely need to purchase fashion books. Many of them are more interested in books dealing with general culture and great photography. The vintage scene has for a long time played an important role in inspiring fashion designers and of helping them to get up close and personal with historical clothing and construction methods. For most designers, nothing is more satisfying than getting a chance to leaf through old magazines and books and getting to discover something unique. Online discovery of vintage finds is often overrated as it’s easier to discover discarded artifacts and period clothing by prying and poking archival treasures such as:

• Global vintage booksellers, e.g., Idea Books and November Books

• Los Angeles Vintage Fashion Archive

• The Vintage Showroom in London

Watch some films for costume design inspiration

The film industry and the fashion industry have always had a close relationship. Most designers have been using film as a starting point for their primary research for many decades. The release of iconic films has helped start all kinds of catwalk trends as the top designers attempt to tap into this visually stimulating and highly immersive universe. Films don’t even have to be fashion related, like The Phantom Thread (2017) or The Devil Wears Prada (2006), as there are many standout films that have had glorious costume designs featured in them. Some of the films that have helped and continue to help designers get inspiration include:

• Breakfast at Tiffany’s – set in Manhattan

• Marie Antionette – a film by Sofia Coppola

• Moulin Rouge – an iconic film by Baz Luhrmann

Research potential travel destinations to visit

If you are wanting to research and discover more about high-end luxury jewellery, then it might be beneficial to have a look at some of the top countries in the world that are the biggest players in that market right now. For luxury jewellery inspiration, it might be worth thinking about which country produces and consumes the most jewellery per year. China is top of the leaderboard for jewellery and wristwatch sales, with the United States and India coming in second and third. For other jewellery, outfit, and fashion inspiration, some of the most fashionable cities in the world to visit are Paris, London, New York, and Italy. It might be worth considering planning a future trip abroad to find fashion inspiration and also conduct research for upcoming projects.

Take a visit to popular markets

Top designers can’t envision anything more inspiring and thought-provoking than visiting local markets.

Clothing and accessories found here are seen as a starting point to coming up with a fictional narrative for their favorite design muse. Discovering such items can stretch a designer’s imagination to a point where they end up with a sketchbook filled with ideas to assist with their design processes. Renowned markets that can help inspire your next look could include:

• Saint-Ouen Flea Market – France

• Portobello Road Market – London

• Feria de San Telmo – Buenos Aires

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