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How Fashion Nova CEO Mastered Instagram and Turned the Fashion Industry on Its Head

Instagram is a home for people who want to show off their best sides for different reasons.  People want attention or validation – or just share photos of their lives because everyone else is doing it. However, businesses and brands use Instagram for a different purpose entirely. This is where they upload their products to attract new customers. It is also one of the places where they can interact directly with their most loyal audiences.

Fashion Nova is one brand that has used Instagram to astonishing effect. It has used the platform to become a global brand with widespread appeal. Millions of Fashion Nova customers showcase themselves on the platform wearing its items, snapped in various poses to gain likes and comments.

In an interview with WWD, Fashion Nova CEO Richard Saghian said the brand experienced a 600% boost in sales in 2017. Google also reported that it was also one of the most searched fashion brands of the year.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at how Richard Saghian, Fashion Nova’s CEO was able to completely master Instagram and use it to build the brand.

How Fashion Nova Mastered Instagram

1. They put the spotlight on their followers

Fashion Nova pays attention to their followers and satisfies their desire for attention. By making #NovaBabes a thing, customers have gladly uploaded pictures of themselves wearing Fashion Nova products.

They also give followers a chance to be featured on their page by telling them to tag the official account and use the #FashionNova tag.

By doing this, the brand makes the fans feel special. It’s a win-win situation for both the followers and the brand because they both gain followers in the process.

2. Their Huge Influencer network

Fashion Nova has a huge influencer network on Instagram, partnering with fashion and lifestyle bloggers with over 400,000 followers to micro-influencers with over ten thousand followers.

With over 3,000 people uploading pictures of themselves in Fashion Nova items to their thousands of followers, Fashion Nova is never short of people following their Instagram page and purchasing products on their website with the unique discount codes each influencer has.

People gladly hurry to buy Fashion Nova items because they are even more affordable with coupon codes.

3. They Partner with high-profile celebrities

This is what got Fashion Nova on the right footing early on and caused it to experience a massive boom just a short while after its launch.

Just a few months after they started, they partnered with big names like the Jenners and Kardashians. When people saw their top celebs wearing a very affordable brand, they rushed to get pieces of their own. This helped the brand achieve a boost in both sales and Instagram followers.

Another celebrity it partners with is Cardi B. According to Saghian, Cardi B has been rocking Fashion Nova clothes even before her music career blew up. When it did, their relationship only got stronger. She wore Fashion Nova pieces frequently and also mentioned Fashion Nova in her songs.

In 2019, she released a collection with Fashion Nova that sold out in less than 24 hours.

By maintaining a close relationship with celebrities, Fashion Nova can stay high above the other brands on their Instagram game.

4. Post engaging content

This is one of the reasons Fashion Nova’s Instagram following has been growing instead of declining. Other brands on Instagram upload less than 10 posts on their page daily because they believe people will unfollow their pages if the posts are too frequent.

Fashion Nova, on the other hand, doesn’t have to worry about these posts. Richard Saghian doesn’t have to think about people unfollowing the brand page because they always release good content.

Fashion Nova releases more than 600 new styles every week. It uploads up to 30 posts a day, one every thirty minutes.

Instead of people running away, you’ll see followers flooding the comments and tagging their friends to see the new style they just uploaded. They are also excited to comment because their comments are not ignored.

Fashion Nova pays attention to all its customers.

5. Diversity

Unlike many other brands, Fashion Nova caters to a large group of people and this shows greatly on their Instagram page. They appreciate people of all shapes and sizes rocking their clothes. You’ll also notice people from various backgrounds.

When followers see someone like them represented on Fashion Nova’s page, they are more likely to purchase from the store. This also encourages them to upload pictures of themselves in Fashion Nova to stand a chance at getting featured on the page.

Another unique technique Fashion Nova uses is uploading pictures of models with different body types wearing the same clothes. They do not focus on the typical model figures and leave everyone else out. They make clothes for everyone and showcase everyone wearing their clothes.

So, before the followers buy the products they see how it looks on them. Whether they want to get a dress or a pair of jeans, they know how it looks on someone with their body size.

Fashion Nova makes everyone feel welcome and appreciated.

The Bottom Line

Fashion Nova has used Instagram techniques other fashion brands haven’t tried. They engage with their customers on a very high level. More people are going to shop with them because they feel connected to the brand.

Anyone running a brand should take notes from Fashion Nova’s textbook on using Instagram to grow their brands. Fashion Nova is nearing 19 million followers on Instagram, which means they haven’t stopped making the right moves. They make their followers feel special and it is working very well for them.

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