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Eco Deco Pet Hospital

Eco Deco is the only eco-conscious pet hospital in South Beach. Opened by Dr. Valeriy Andreyev, Eco Deco has become an ingrained part of the South Beach community. Having been practicing veterinary medicine both in Europe and in Miami for 15 years, Dr. Andreyev dreamed of opening a different kind of practice.

He dreamt of a pet hospital that not only provided the very best care for it’s patients and a supportive service for its clients but a hospital that was also conscious to the impact it could have on the environment.


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Initially, Dr. Andreyev spent a lot of time planning the layout of his facility with a professional architect that specialized in doctor’s offices and hospitals. Their goal was to maximize the light, space and energy of Eco Deco. In all the years working in South Florida, Dr. Andreyev was very familiar with the inefficiencies of a traditional veterinary practice. With this in mind, the hospital’s infrastructure was designed to run
the most sophisticated veterinary computer systems, allowing all the medical records and information to be accessed right away by any staff member. This has allowed the pet hospital to operate virtually paperless.
In addition, the majority of their equipment is mobile, allowing the machines to move freely around the hospital. Any type of paper product that is used is recycled and all the plastic used in the facility are biodegradable.
The team at Eco Deco is not only striving to create a ‘green’ pet hospital, but a pet hospital that provides the highest standard of quality and compassion in veterinary care.


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With providing the best care as a mission, Eco Deco also integrates new and traditional Western medicinal practices, and offers eastern medicine and holistic treatments. One of the newest therapies Dr. Andreyev is planning to offer is a pain laser therapy. This therapy is for his geriatric patients in order to ease arthritic pain and give them a better quality of life.


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Eco Deco prides itself as full service pet hospital, allowing pet owners to not only bring their pet in for whatever the issue, but their On-line Store and Pet Portal allows for easy access to refill any pet prescription, purchase food or schedule an appointment.


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Eco Deco is an impressive trend in veterinary care. While you wait for similar practices to open in your community, obtaining quality care for your pet remains the priority. Dr. Andreyev offers his sage advice:

“Always ask as many questions as you can, make a list and go over your concerns with the veterinarian. A good vet will always help you find all the answers to your questions and can advise you what is the best for your pets. A mark of a good veterinarian going extra-mile for their patients and owners.”


For more information visit their website!

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