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Spotted: Copper Metal Tailored to your Fashionable Choice in Desktop Accessories

Great design never goes out of fashion, especially when it comes to accessories. Just take a look at the new Copper Edition USB flash drives from Leef. These alluring accessories are homage to the Grecian goddesses of the Copper Age. Since the beginning of time, to the classic rivets on Levi Jeans, to the sleek new bodies of luxury sports cars, copper has added quality and prestige to every thing it touches.

Like the expert design of a well-tailored dress, the Leef Copper Edition incorporates classic lines and elegance into products that reflect attention to detail – creating a posh style to an otherwise very boring but important product.

The Leef design team has a mantra to create products people want to own and they create flash drives that are a true complement and accent to the styles of today’s MacBooks and Laptops. Leef re-engineered the way flash drives are built so they could create smaller more compact flash drives using high grade memory which protects the data from typical life accidents. The Copper Edition, like most of Leef products, are completely waterproof – they are even guaranteed to survive an occasional cycle through the washing machine.

The Copper Edition comes in three different USB styles to accent your mobile world – Magnet 3.0, Ice 3.0 and Surge. Magnet 3.0 and Ice 3.0 are very fast flash drives using the latest technology for data transfer. Magnet 3.0 has 8 tiny magnets that allow the flash drive to attach itself to any metal surface from a refrigerator to a metal file cabinet. The design of Magnet 3.0 and Ice 3.0 use a rare translucent acrylic resin that illuminates architectural elements of the clear acrylic shape using a hidden LED light. Ice 3.0 gets its name from the acrylic .≤block of ice’ on the end of the drive and is considered by the design team as the coolest one they created. Surge is the perfect tiny .≤stay in’ flash drive, like a bracelet to accent your laptop

Your desktop accessories don’t have to be dull. Thanks to the folks at Leef, even a trend like copper can keep you properly primped at home, the office, or anywhere you take your data.

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