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Does the Majority of ‘The Avengers’ Cast Live a Vegan Lifestyle?

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Did you know that almost the entire cast of “The Avengers” series leads a plant-based lifestyle?

With summer almost here, many of us are looking forward to the big movie blockbusters that come out this time of year. And one of the most successful franchises is “The Avengers”, which is based on the Marvel comic books series.

Fans have not only grown to love Doctor Strange, The Hulk, Thor, and Black Panther; they also adore the actors who portray them. In a bit of fan trivia, there is one common denominator between ten of the stars in “The Avengers”, and it happens to be that they are all either vegetarian or vegan!

That’s right! According to LiveKindly, all ten of the main actors in “The Avengers” series lead primarily meat-free lifestyles! They ascribe to a plant-based diet for their health, the environment, and for animal welfare. So who are they? Come with us as we take a look at the ten actors from “The Avengers” who are either vegan or vegetarian!

Benedict Cumberbatch

You might know Benedict as Doctor Strange in “The Avengers” series. In his personal life, Benedict leads as much of a vegan lifestyle as possible.
And no matter where he is, he searches for vegan options on menus, even as far as Singapore!

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