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Darian Dali, the New Classic Beauty

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Classic beauty was inspired by the glowing era of the silver screen, which is much different than today’s social media craze. In today’s modeling world, it seems that every girl or woman thinks that she can become a model.

This is due in part to social media where anyone can post an image and call themselves a “model”. Some “models” merely post an image of themselves in a bikini and get endorsements for products this way. Things may come easily to them, but can they truly be considered models?

We believe there are still a few special ones out there that have the right amount of drive and determination.

They are willing to work very hard to become credible and successful “real” models. These are the women we think will stand the test of time and have legitimate careers. In fact, they have the potential to become iconic models of their era. These are the models who have classic beauty, as classic beauty is timeless, and it is here to stay no matter what trends come and go. We would like to introduce you to one of these beauties, Darian Dali.

Darian, when did you realize you wanted to model?

Darian: Modeling is something that I’ve been passionate about since I was a baby, and I always looked to modeling to have fun. It would make me feel good whenever I got to pose in front of a camera. I would fool around while changing my looks, styles and angles. It would bring me so much joy!

I think modeling is an art, but I never considered it to be a career. But then, something happened that made me realize that this hobby of mine could play a more important role in my life. It could also be profitable. I was 15, and I was grocery shopping. A good-looking lady came up to me and handed me her business card. She turned out to be a model scout. After I contacted her, she got me booked to walk for multiple fashion shows. And that’s how my adventure started.

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Model: Darian Dali / Photographer: Cathryn Farnsworth / Makeup Artist: Barbie Laurino / Stylist: Holley Wolfe

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