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How to Command a Room Like a Ballerina

Guest Contributor: Rita Agnese

Little effort. Lots of chutzpah. YOU CAN DO THIS!

Many of us envy the grace and glamour of ballerinas. The combination of delicate yet powerful, sweet yet sultry, and commanding yet gentle is one that stuns an audience. So how do you bring that elegance into your own life?

It begins with your imagination. Stretch it. Yes, most of it is a mind game. Believe you are a beautiful, regal princess. You’re channeling Audrey Hepburn. She’s a great example of a gal who was not a ballerina but carried herself like one. See? It can be done. It happens because of your attitude.

If you are a voluptuous statuesque un-ballerina type no worries. Act as if. That’s what counts. It will transform you.

If you have a snazzy engagement to attend, by all means concentrate on executing several of the suggestions mentioned all at once. For long-term results, to use everywhere and always, work on only one at a time, but consistently. Eventually, it will all become second nature.

Imagine a steely, strong, thin thread suspending you from the top of your head, like a puppet, from some heavenly place far above you as it pulls your body naturally and effortlessly into perfect alignment. Take a deep breath, throw your shoulders back, suck in your tummy, tuck under your butt by slightly rocking your pelvis forward, and hold your head up high. Top it off with a dazzling smile. Once you have nailed your posture, remember that ballerinas aim to always lengthen their frame. Think soft hands (never tense) and long legs with pointed toes.

At first you may think I can never do this! It is so uncomfortable and takes so much energy. This is the point to change your mindset. The trick is to think that every time you make this effort, it’s like money in the bank. The body feels it, likes it, and will begin to remember. Know it takes time and gentle repetition. It will build your self-esteem, enhance your health, and – as an added bonus – be pleasing to those around you. You will be creating a more beautiful you and adding beauty to this world of ours as well. You can’t beat that!

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