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10 Tricks and Tips for Taking Terrific Photos the VIVA GLAM Way

With social media, it seems that taking a quick photo to illustrate your daily life is becoming the norm. Regardless of your platform, you want to look your absolute best! Here are some of our tricks for taking perfect photos the VIVA GLAM way!

Photo Apps

Using photo apps is the norm today. Just don’t overdo it because you might accidentally lose the natural dimensions in your face. Some people retouch so much that their face actually looks flat.
It is OK to remove bags under your eyes and a blemish here and there, but err on the side of caution. If not, you might end up with a nose that doesn’t look real. Retouch areas that need it, not your whole face.

Strike a pose

Learn the best poses for your look. For example, if your figure is too square, pull your arm away from your body, lengthen your neck, and put your jaw out. Also, turn your waist away from the camera slightly. This will give you more of a waistline. By putting your hips and shoulder towards the camera, it will make you look thinner. Watch your angles and learn what looks best on you.

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Proper grooming

Remember, the camera catches everything. This includes chipped nail polish, unkempt or dirty hair, stale makeup, and unbrushed teeth. Take the time to get a good manicure and pedicure and make certain you have overall good hygiene.

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Be aware of lighting, especially outside where you can get shadows on your face if you are not careful. Always avoid light in the middle of the day when it is most harsh. Instead, the best light can be found in the morning and evening as the sun is going down. In fact, the best time of day is called Golden Hour when the sun is about to set. This golden light will make your skin glow and you’ll look your absolute best!

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Body makeup

Don’t be afraid to wear body makeup to smooth out imperfections and make your skin glow. However, if you have thicker legs, use matte body makeup rather than bronzer. Bronzer will make your legs glow which will accent thickness; it’s best to use a bronzer on thinner legs.

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Gorgeous hair

If your hair is a bit thinner than you would like, clip in some hair extensions. They add both length and volume and look natural if worn properly.
You’ll look sexy and glamorous a la Raquel Welch!

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Body type

Know your body type to find the best poses. Are you a pear shape, hourglass, triangle, or rectangle? If you don’t know, find a celebrity that has a similar body type to yours and watch the poses they do on the red carpet. These should be the ones you practice when you do your mirror work…which is next.

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Mirror work

Don’t be embarrassed to practice a few poses in the mirror. It is easy to do and you can get a better understanding of where to place your hands, arms and how to position your feet. If you know which purse you will be holding, pose with your purse in your hand. And practice posing in the shoes you will be wearing to a particular event.

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Knowing which angles work best on you helps because you can determine which side of your face to favor. Do you look best head-on or posing at a 45-degree angle? If you have a wide face, posing on a slight angle will slim down your face. If you have a thinner face, posing straight on might be better for you. Angles also determine where the light will hit your face so practice which poses look best and remember them for your photos.

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Where to put the camera

Putting the camera in different positions can greatly change the way you look.
Don’t position the camera too low if you are over 40. This can lead to a jowly effect. Instead, position the camera slightly above you.
Also, if you are bottom heavy, you might opt for a top shot rather than full body. And if your face is your strong point, emphasize this in your pictures.

Remember, taking photos is unique to the individual so the more you understand about yourself, the better your images will ultimately be! And most of all, don’t forget to have fun!

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