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  • How To Smell Fabulous All Day (11 Tips)

    Research has proven over and over again that smell is one of the major factors taken into account by people when...

    BeautyMegan TaylorAugust 12, 2022
  • 5 Tips to Make your Perfume Last Longer

    Whether citrus-based or sweet, a delicate fragrance can provide confidence and empowerment for women. Each girl has her own techniques to...

    BeautyYss GuerreroMay 19, 2020
  • Essential Oils for Living Well

    Essential oils contain aroma compounds from plants, and throughout history they have been used to treat a number of ailments. Here...

    BeautyvivaglamJanuary 1, 2019
  • What Makes You Attracted to Your Man Just Might Surprise You

    What exactly makes you attracted to the opposite sex? You might not be aware of it, but there are many subtle...

    Sex & RelationshipsCandace KitaAugust 18, 2017
  • The Power of Beauty

    What’s all the fuss about beauty? Women spend countless hours each week getting ready for their day. They take time to...

    BeautyCandace KitaSeptember 1, 2016
  • Celebrate the Holidays with Gabriel John Candles

    It's hard to believe the holidays are already upon us; it's time to celebrate with family and friends. This means...

    For Your HouseholdCandace KitaNovember 21, 2012