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Why Green Bedding is the New Age Thing

First and foremost, organic bedding is a lot more than a trend. It is a revolution that has been brought about after extensive thinking as well as research.

And, as in the case of every revolution, this one too has a purpose. The purpose is to provide every person on the planet with a sleep that rejuvenates, refreshes and revitalizes. Every kind of organic bedding, be it that made out of bamboo or silk, is made in the best manner.
Now, before we indulge into the benefits of eco-friendly bedding, here is a list of questions that have been addressed for user information and education.

What are the Materials that Organic Bedding is Made Out Of

There are three basic materials that natural bedding is made out of. These include bamboo, silk and cotton. Yes, cotton too is used in making these beddings. However, not every variety of cotton is used. Only the 100% organic one is used as a part of comforters, bed sheets and pillows. Bamboo and silk, on the other hand, are widely used in making pillows, comforters and sheets that are organic in nature.

How is Silk Produced

For organic bedding in particular, silk is produced by rearing silk worms or cocoons on mulberry leaves. The variety of silk hence produced is the finest and the strongest. The mulberry silk comforter and other bedding made out of this silk is free of any kind of chemicals and toxins. This is because the silk is completely natural. The leaves of mulberry too are never treated with any pesticides.

Can They Be Used Regularly

Yes, you can use your Bamboo Comforter Set like any other bedding. Moreover, because bamboo bedding and silk bedding need less frequent washing, it is much better to use them in regular life. If you are opting for a bamboo comforter, make sure that you wash them with a gentle soap. Also, the silk bedding will loosen up a bit after the first wash. Don’t worry; it is still good for use.

Do You Really Stop Aging If You Sleep on Silk

Well, yes and no! While your body clock is meant to age, your face does not reflect the same in case you sleep on silk organic bedding. Because silk does not steal moisture from the skin of your face and other parts of your body, you look hydrated and young. The effect is positive as you don’t get wrinkles on your skin.

Is Organic Bedding Expensive

It would be an understatement to say that organic bedding is the best at the best prices. A common man can afford this bedding easily. Moreover, because it is far more durable that other types of bedding, you don’t have to worry about spending too much on too many.

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