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Can You Redesign Your Wedding Band? Here’s How to Do It Right

Your wedding band doesn’t need to look the same way for your entire life. If you’re keen on giving your wedding band a fresh look then you might be able to redesign it to fit your taste under certain conditions.

With that said, here’s a look at everything you need to know about redesigning your wedding band.

Why You Should Redesign Your Wedding Band

There are a ton of reasons for wanting to redesign a wedding band;

For instance, you may have grown tired of your men’s hammered wedding band after seeing it hundreds, thousands and even millions of times – after all, most things in life lose their novelty pretty quickly.

Another common reason for redesigning a wedding band is to signal a new beginning. For example, when a couple renews their vows, they can choose a new look for their wedding band to represent a fresh start in their relationship.

Also, some wedding bands act as family heirlooms – so if you’re looking to pass yours down to your children or relatives, then it might make sense to update its style to fit the modern era.

How To Redesign Your Wedding Band

You should never rush into redesigning your wedding band, instead, you need to take your time to pick out the right design as well as the right jeweler to get the job done.

Here are some steps to take to get your wedding band redesign done right;

Find Your Inspiration

You need to know what exactly you want before redesigning your wedding band and there’s no better place to find some inspiration than the internet.

For instance, you could scroll through places like pinterest and instagram to get an idea of the designs that other people are using for their wedding bands.

Some of the redesigns that you can do to your wedding band might depend on the type of material used in making your wedding band as some materials are too sturdy to facilitate certain types of incisions, so take this into consideration when making a choice.

Hire A Good Jeweler

You need a good jeweler to bring your wedding band redesign dreams to life. Picking the right jeweler would determine the quality of the redesign you would get. 

Jewelers would often offer you a bunch of designs to choose from. In fact, highly-skilled jewelers will typically create a 3d image of your ring, that way, you have an idea of how your wedding band would look after the job is done.

You need to get a jeweler with lots of experience as this would show how they carry out the job and can offer you great advice on what design would fit you best. Also, ask your jeweler lots of questions and stay updated through each step until your preferred design has been brought to life.

Cost Of Redesigning Your Wedding Band

The costs associated with redesigning your wedding band relies heavily on the material it’s made from. That’s because some materials are more difficult to work with than others. 

For instance, materials like gold and silver might be easily malleable when compared to others but might require extra care from the jeweler – hence you might find yourself paying a premium for that “extra care”.

The design you choose might also affect the cost of redesigning your wedding band. More detailed designs would cost more as they tend to be complicated and require a ton of craftsmanship.

A simple redesign of your wedding band can cost a few hundred dollars, but a full revamp requiring you to add more jewels can run it up to the thousands. 

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