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The Trending Accessories Perfect for Summer

Summer is here! Who can resist those bright sunny days laying out by the beach with your closest friends? Or perhaps you prefer to enjoy tropical drinks out by the pool? Or picnics in the park? After all, summer is the most exciting time to socialize.

Though we always look forward to summer, the excessive heat can sometimes find us neglecting our fashion choices. The warmer it gets, the more we tend to dress casual and comfy. For some reason, warm weather can quickly equal less effort. While comfy is a great choice in summer, it’s important to still make a statement with your style, especially if you’re someone who’s usually fashion-forward and chic. So, your summer choices should look effortless- not lazy. The best compromise for this is easily wearing comfy clothes with the chicest trending summer accessories. Read on below to hear about the trending accessories perfect for summer, and you can get your own chic accessories affordably with this discount sivvi code. Be sure to shop around and pick your favorite styles to slay in this summer.


It goes without saying, but sunglasses are your most essential accessory to wear in the summertime. After all, with the warm weather comes bright sunny rays… right into your face. Luckily, sunglasses both step up your style game while also providing you with much-needed shade. Picking a chic and essential pair of sunglasses is crucial to surviving the summer in style. Lucky for you, most styles of sunglasses are trending right now. Bright-colored sunglasses are in. Chunky styles are also in for the summer. Slim, rectangular sunglasses are here to stay along with cute cat-eye glasses, too. While bright colors will look super chic in the summer, we recommend sticking with basic-colored sunglasses that you can wear with any look and style throughout the year.  


Hats are another essential trending accessory perfect for summer. Hats are a great way to block the sun’s light from hitting your face directly while also offering a fashion-forward look. Wide-brimmed hats are absolutely on trend this summer. Beige and other light-colored hats are an excellent choice for your outdoor summer activities. Bucket hats and straw hats are also trending right now. Most beach-style hats are an excellent choice for summer. However, while many prefer baseball caps, we’d recommend staying away from them unless you’re in an extremely casual environment, as they tend to make an outfit casually grounded very quickly.

Bright, Colorful Jewelry

Summer is the best time of the year to wear bright, big, colorful pieces of jewelry. Chunky earrings, necklaces with statement-making charms, and large bracelets are all good choices to wear when you step outside into the heat. Turquoise, pink, yellow, and other warm-toned pieces will be your best choice this year. A beaded turquoise necklace or chunky bracelet is a great accent piece with your summer khakis and a light-colored shirt. Bright pearls are an excelled choice when you’re making an appearance down by the water. As far as summer is concerned, the brighter the piece, the trendier it is! However, try to avoid copper or gold-plated pieces when the weather is too hot, as it could tarnish on your skin. It’s better to stick with pieces that are made for the summer’s heat!

Open-Toed Shoes

Unless you’ll be hiking or doing other sport-related activities, open-toed shoes should be your choice for summer. Chunky sandals are back in style, as are the generic flip flop. It’s up to you whether you prefer flats or a bit of a lift, but both of these styles are great choices depending on your preference. Another element that’s trending right now are strappy shoes! Shoes with ankle straps look absolutely chic and stylish. They don’t only look cute! They are also practical. Sandals and shoes with ankle straps actually help distribute the weight of your shoes, providing comfort as you walk.

All in all, these are some of the cutest trending accessories perfect for summer. If nothing else, think bright colors, classy accent pieces, and pieces that hide your face from the sun to enjoy the warm weather stylishly and comfortably.

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