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How to Choose Engagement Ring Settings for the Big Day

How your ring is mounted is crucial. It determines, to a great extent, the beauty of your ring, regardless of whether it is for the engagement day or the wedding day. In this article, let us find out the different ring settings that you can opt for.

Most importantly, the setting that you opt for also decides how secured your ring is in the first place and will determine the longevity of the overall ring too. Check out the different types of proposal engagement ring setting or your grand day ring setting for the best look.

Types of ring settings that assure security for your ring

Check out these settings for your rings below: –

Halo settings

The center of the ring gets secured in this type of setting. The shape of the setting can be round or square and offers a delicate and feminine look to the entire structure. In this kind of setting, you can sue multiple diamonds in the ring, which will remain safe with this kind of setting. Also, the surface of the diamond remains protected from scratches, and you enjoy peace of mind as far as friction against the diamond surface is concerned.

Prong settings

Widely used for diamond engagement rings, you will find claw-like structures beneath the ring that holds on to the diamond stone. It grasps the diamond in the center. You can also fit larger stones into this set of rings. The ring is safe, and if the shape of the diamond is round, you can expect to see around 6 prongs or claw-shaped structures that hold the stones firmly. With the help of this setting, the diamond stones are held like a pedestal and look radiant like flash of light. 

Channel settings

It is a perfect setting for a proposal engagement ring or these settings for rings are also found in wedding band rings. In this type of arrangement, the diamonds are placed adjacent to each other in the form of a band. The band ring setting implies “continuity of love and harmony.” Another type of variant in this type of ring setting is the bar-setting. One of the best things about this type of ring setting is that the stones snug” fittingly into the band.

Pave and micro-pave ring setting

This type of ring setting is also related to the “Hollywood” type of ring styles. It gives an elegant and sophisticated look to the ring. The setting gives the impression of several diamond stones “paved” on the floor of the ring. Perfect for intricately knitting in smaller pieces of diamonds on the floor of the ring, it is ideal for women that do not like bigger stones to avoid the “gaudy” look of the rings. You can also use other gemstones and precious stones other than diamonds in these rig settings.

Last but not the least, you can select the ring settings to depend on your requirement pertaining to the following aspects, namely, size of the diamond or the gemstone, number of stones that you intend to place in the ring, purpose of the ring, and of course how much you can spend on the ring.


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