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Can Some Women Look Not Pregnant AT ALL in Their THIRD Trimester? Ask Sarah Stage!

Lingerie model Sarah Stage celebrates her third trimester of pregnancy.

I know you might find this difficult to believe, but lingerie model, Sarah Stage, has just entered her third trimester of pregnancy.
This is Sarah’s second pregnancy as she gave birth to her son, James, two years ago.
Sarah said on her Instagram account this week, “Hello, #third trimester! These past #7months have flown by!” Yet to many, she doesn’t look pregnant at all!

If Sarah looks familiar to you it might because when she was pregnant with James, she caused an uproar on the internet by showing photos of herself nine months pregnant, not looking pregnant at all! This led to all sorts of reactions from her followers. Some were positive and some not so much.
Followers were accusing her of hurting her baby.
Others claimed she was having a child via a surrogate.
Sarah said, “I’ve literally heard it all!”

James was born healthy and fine at 8 pounds.
And the doctor said that this baby is also healthy. In fact, Sarah recently posted an image of her ultrasound to prove to her followers this fact.
She wrote, “Doctors appointment went great. Baby is weighing a little over 2 lbs. with a strong heartbeat and huge hands lol Thanks for all of the well wishes.” And she’s craving just like any other pregnant woman. What does she want? Maple donuts!

In comparing her two pregnancies, Sarah said, “Definitely feeling a lot more exhausted this pregnancy. But these pregnancies feel very similar.” And although Sarah definitely may not look like the “typical” pregnant woman in her third trimester, she is healthy, happy, and excited for the birth of her new baby!
In the meantime, she is doing what any fit lingerie model would do, showing off her beautiful pregnancy body to her fans on social media! Congratulations to Sarah, Kris, and James!


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