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One Big Secret to Snag That Man

Say More With Less…

Texting can be difficult, overwhelming, and extremely exhausting. You question yourself, should I text him first? What should I say? What if he doesn’t answer? What if I sound dumb? A million and one thoughts run through your head. Because of dating apps like Bumble, Tinder, and Coffee Meets Bagel, it’s hard enough to find a decent guy in this digital world. Everyone is glued to their phones, yet the more you say the less he says back.
Want to say more by texting less? Here are a few tips to snag that man.

  1. Keep the conversation simple.
    Don’t ask him why he didn’t reply immediately, where is he, or what he is doing every five seconds, because you will come on too strong. (He doesn’t have to see that crazy side yet.)
  2. Let him ask you out and pick a casual spot.
    Go for drinks or go to an arcade. Keep it fun and laid-back so it takes away the pressure he already placed on himself.
  3. Reply with an emoji if he doesn’t have much to say.
    This gets him thinking. He starts to wonder what you’re up to and will usually follow with a text asking “how your day is going?” or, “what you are doing?” He has to put in effort to get to know you.
  4. After the date, if he doesn’t ask if you made it home safely, move on immediately.
    The amount of effort he puts forth in the “dating” stage is what he will do throughout the course of the relationship. You can text him a few days later and say you had a great time, but don’t exaggerate the conversation.
  5. Invite him out with your friends.
    “Going to this fun show tonight. You should come by.” It’s semi-aggressive, but by saying “should” rather than “could”, you make it seem like it’s definite.
  6. Text him a random picture of something that you both can relate to.
    Maybe it’s a funny sign that has his last name in it or a cute dog that looks like his. Anything to show that you crossed his mind for a second but you don’t seem overly crazy.

It’s not too difficult to be yourself, right? Let him text you more than you text him. He will question where you are and what you are doing, which is what you want. DO NOT answer right away; it will look like you’re waiting for his reply and that you have no life.

By saying less and letting him text you more, you get the most out of each and every text. Don’t over-analyze and keep it simple. And who knows? You just might snag that man and he’ll ask you to be his girlfriend, hopefully not via text.

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