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Bronwyh Leigh Jones’ Focus On Sustainability In The Real Estate Industry

With the increase in conversations about climate change and sustainability, being conscious of your decisions has never been more critical. Huge industries like real estate, construction, transportation, and energy resources are vital leaders in changing how they can be more eco-friendly and leave little to no carbon footprint. 

Bronwyn Leigh Jones is taking a stance on sustainability in the real estate industry. She specializes in helping companies choose more sustainable options when it comes to developing and purchasing properties. This is an essential topic to her; so, she created Coral Sustainable Services, a consulting firm. 

Jones is determined to debunk many of the misconceptions people have about sustainable real estate. 

“Some may think that sustainability means a lack of exciting amenities, my goal is to show my clients that sustainability means excitement, it comes in many forms, and in reality is being up to date with technology,” Bronwyn says.

With 11 clients, Coral Sustain works to provide them strategic consulting and insights as well as helping them obtain grants, equity, debt capital, and government contracts. Jones’ clients range all over the world. From New Zealand to India to the United States, Coral Sustain works endlessly to ensure a better future for the planet and its clients. 

Jones’ career first started back when she was 14 and appeared on TV in an AIDS awareness commercial. This later launched her modeling and acting career and helped her become a spokesperson for the Medical Benefit Fund of Australia. As she grew older, Jones began to lean towards philanthropy-minded work. She has worked with organizations such as One Hope Wine, a wine-tasting company that consistently donates to local and global causes, and Green2Gold, a sustainable-focused future economy organization. 

She saw the importance of sustainability, and that’s when she decided to turn to the real estate industry and work with Compass Real Estate and luxury living. Sustainability in real estate can include water purification, lighting systems, and air purification amenities.

Real estate and sustainable living are just a small part of who Jones is. The Australian native is a single mother to her 13-year-old son, Jett. This powerful and independent businesswoman cannot be stopped. She is determined to help people just like her.

“A passion close to my heart is helping single mothers buy their first homes — women who might be struggling after going through a divorce, or getting back on their feet.” She says, “It is exhilarating helping women buy a home for themselves for the first time, and it makes my job so fulfilling.” 

Jones’ kind heart and strategic thinking are what makes her brand so incredibly successful. Her new approach to real estate is setting her apart from all other agents. She works closely with her clients to form more than just a professional bond. 

“Bronwyn is truly committed to achieving a higher purpose with her life than just closing the next deal, and she brings that level of integrity to all her relationships,” David Latsky from OK Magazine says.

Her passion for sustainable decisions and development shines through her work at Compass and Coral Sustain. She focuses on “transparency, and quality over quantity. This focus on quality and transparency has allowed me to develop interpersonal relationships and hone the skill of intuition and mutual trust with my clients,” Jones says.

This businesswoman, single mother, CEO and entrepreneur has set a new path for future real estate agents and provided new hope for the state of the planet and the industry. 

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