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ANAHIT FashionDrug Creates Bold Pieces that Emphasize Femininity and Beauty

Driven, adventurous, passionate, and creative- these are just a few words that could be used to describe Anahit Ghazaryan of ANAHIT FashionDrug. Anahit started designing brooches while in Yerevan, creating a versatile and timeless line of brooch designs that she quickly realized elevated women’s fashion to the next level. After moving to Beverly Hills to further pursue her passion, Anahit expanded her designs, and today she designs dresses for celebrities and red-carpet events alike out of Beverly Hills. Anahit’s designs are made to both empower and celebrate women, and we are more than a little inspired by her tale. We sat down with Anahit to discuss her transition from brooch designer to full-fledged fashion brand icon.

Anahit, you started as a brooch designer in Yerevan. What initially made you start designing brooches?

I have always been fascinated by accessories and their ability to elevate any outfit. I started designing brooches because I saw it as a unique opportunity to create something that can be worn in many different ways, not just as a typical piece of jewelry.

Did you have any expectations as you were designing your first brooch or was it a part of a business plan you had created for yourself?

When I designed my first brooch, it was purely out of passion and creative expression. I did not have any expectations or a business plan at that time. However, as I started to receive positive feedback and interest in my designs, I realized there was potential to turn my passion into a business.

Your unique brooch designs have gotten quick recognition across the globe. What is it that makes your work stand out amongst other international brands?

I believe what makes my work stand out is my commitment to creating unique designs that are not mass-produced. Each piece is made with attention to detail and quality materials, and I strive to create pieces that are both versatile and timeless.

We really like your Eskimo brooch designs. What was your inspiration behind creating those?

I was inspired by the beauty and culture of the Eskimo people who live in the Arctic regions. The winter season and the stunning landscapes found in this part of the world were the sources of inspiration for my designs and that specific collection. I have always been fascinated by the unique way of life of the Eskimos, their traditions, and their connection to the natural world around them. This interest led me to explore the designs and patterns found in my brooch designs.

How did you transition from Armenia to the USA? Was it always your dream to have a business in Beverly Hills or to live in California?

The decision to move to the USA was not planned. I used a magnetized innovation for the brooches in order to not ruin clothing. For my innovative approach to my brooches, I was awarded the Extraordinary Visa. I did not necessarily have a specific location in mind, but I was drawn to Beverly Hills because of its reputation as a hub for fashion and luxury. Today, I make custom dresses and designs for red carpet events and celebrities alike.

Then, your first collection of clothing, FD Sporty, followed. Tell us about this collection. Did you begin this while still living in Yerevan or were you already in the United States?

I started designing the FD Sporty collection in Armenia before moving to the United States. The collection was inspired by my own personal style, which is a combination of sporty and chic elements. I wanted to create pieces that were both comfortable and stylish, and that could be worn for a variety of occasions.

How many different collections have you designed up to this point, and do you have a favorite collection? If so, why that one in particular?

I have designed several collections at this point, including brooches, clothing, and accessories. It is hard to choose a favorite, as each collection is unique and represents a different aspect of my creative vision.

“Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show.” is your lifestyle motto, which could be considered a bit unusual for a brand which actually sells “stuff”. Which of your current designs would you recommend for your customers to grab for their life adventures?

I believe that my brooch designs are particularly suited for life adventures, as they can be worn in many different ways and can add a touch of personality to any outfit. I would recommend the more versatile designs that can be worn as a brooch, necklace, or hair accessory, such as the Shoonik or the Flower brooches.

In general, your designs exude femininity. They are very chic and modern yet classic. What message would you like your designs to convey to women?

My designs are meant to empower women and make them feel confident and beautiful. I want women to feel comfortable expressing their unique personalities through fashion, and to show that femininity and strength can coexist.

What can we expect from ANAHIT FashionDrug in the upcoming months of 2023?

I am always working on new designs and collections, and 2023 will be no exception. Customers can expect to see new and innovative pieces that reflect my ongoing creative vision. I am also exploring new avenues for expanding the ANAHIT brand, such as collaborations and partnerships with other fashion and lifestyle brands. Overall, I am excited to continue growing and evolving as a designer and entrepreneur.

Be sure to follow ANAHIT FashionDrug HERE and continue to be inspired by her drive, passion, and talent.

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