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Best Tips to Add Fashion Rings to Your New Collection

The men out there might be receiving a family heirloom, getting engaged, and so want to flaunt a fashion ring on your finger. You want to wear a classy tungsten band around your index finger. Then, if you have not worn any ring before, you might be at a loss to understand how to add the best ring to your new collection. If you are looking for a wedding ring and want to make it your style statement, wear it on your right hand.

According to an article published on, if an engagement is on the cards this year; choose a ring that looks sturdy. Read on to learn about some of the best tips to add fashion rings to your wardrobe.

Wear it confidence

No matter what finger ring you choose, the jewelry should carry some weight and meaning whether it’s meant for your wedding or engagement. It could also exude a sense of style and fashion. Fashion rings also symbolize wealth, affluence, and even relationship. Usually, rings signify your position and standing in society. No matter what ring you love to wear, do so with confidence. If you have a family crest, flaunt the same on your index finger. You can also wear the ring on your right finger if you are still a bachelor.

You might be wondering how to wear a ring with confidence. Well, if you have a collection of Tungsten rings, wear them when you are with family and friends.

Focus on the ring size

Based on the proportion of your hands, you must add rings to your collection. For instance, if you have small hands, wear something small because an oversized ring will look odd. On the contrary, if you have big strong hands and thick fingers, wear a sturdy Tungsten ring. Make sure the piece fashion ring you choose is proportionate to your hands and fingers. You can consult with friends or family members who wear fashion rings.

Balance your rings when wearing on hands

When it comes to balance, it means wearing wedding rings or fashion bands as a piece of jewelry to balance out on both hands. For example, if you wear only one metal ring, then wear your metal watch on the opposite hand. Again, if you are wearing four rings and a watch, avoid flaunting these on the same hand. The other hand should not be left empty. Balance the way you want to wear your rings on both your hands. For example, if you are wearing 4-5 rings, balance it out with a bracelet.

Pay attention to the price

Price also matters when adding Tungsten rings to your collection. If you are wearing it as a simple fashion statement or for rough use, do not splurge on expensive items. On the contrary, if you wear a metal ring studded with diamonds or emerald, choose an expensive piece of jewelry that you will flaunt at social gatherings and parties occasionally.


Keep these useful tips in mind when adding a Tungsten ring to your wardrobe. Look your best with these fashion items.


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