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Winter 2019-2020 Eyewear Trends

Right now, the world of eyewear is in a state of flux. Over the past few weeks, all of the biggest fashion houses have changed things up quite a bit.

They have sent their models out onto the runways wearing radical new glasses like these.  So, if you are due to replace yours, now is a great time to be buying them.

As the fashion seasons change, you get to choose between some of the older and the newer styles. So, right now you will have even more choice. Here is a quick round-up of some of the main eyewear trends for 2019/20.

Single lenses glasses

This first trend mainly impacts the sunglasses market. You can expect to see people who live in snowy or tropical places where connected shield lenses.

At this time of the year, millions go skiing. So, unsurprisingly a lot of these have a sporty look. But, not all of them, there is a definite urban vibe going on as well.

This year, designers have been more innovative in the way they have reworked the classics. The ombre design is a good example of this. These are essentially rimless, but the addition of a metal frame along the top provides interest. It opens up the chance for the designer to tap into some of the clothing fashion trends, just by changing the materials, heft and shape of that bar.

Over-sized eyewear

Many of these single lenses glasses are oversized and there are some interesting shapes being used. As a result, it is likely that this particular style eyewear will mostly be sold as sunglasses.

The over-sized look is a general trend. This is not surprising, given the fact that eyewear lenses sizes have gone from ultra-narrow to crazy big in just under 10 years. From the looks of things, we have now reached the maximum lenses size. They are huge. This season, the oversized look is definitely going to be the most popular one.

The other extreme uber-narrow glasses

In fact, some designers are ahead of that curve, they are creating super narrow glasses. This trend is already being referred to as Black Matrix eyewear. Again, it is the sunglasses market where this trend is strongest. But, it will probably be short-lived. Most of these glasses are super dark, so on dingy days wearing them won’t be particularly practical.

Plus, when the weather starts to warm up and the sun comes out, most people will likely stop wearing them. Mostly because some designs will prove to be too narrow to cover the eyes enough to stop the sunlight getting in through the sides. With sunglasses, getting the fit right is crucial. This article explains how to do it.

Lightweight metal frames

One of the reasons the over-sized look is likely to be so popular this time around is the fact that these glasses are still super light. Nobody is going to wear eyewear, for up to 16 hours a day that is not comfortable.

A lot of designers have used super lightweight metal to create their frames. It is a sophisticated look. The complete reverse of many of the over-sized models, where plastic has been used to create relatively thick frames.


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