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Tips To Find The Best Hair Salons In Colorado Springs

Your hair is your crowning glory. That’s why giving an effortful style for your hair can greatly improve your visual appearance. If you’re up to boosting your daily hair look or pampering your locks once in a while, you should visit a hair salon Colorado Springs or around your area to accommodate your needs. 

Living around Colorado Springs means being surrounded by rocky mountains and long trails. This means that finding a hair salon might be quite challenging for you. Turns out, it’s not too hard to find one as long as you’re looking into the right places.

Here are some tips that can help you find the best hair salons Colorado Springs:

Look Into Their Available Hair Services

Since you’re looking for skilled hairdressers and stylists that can suit the needs of your own hair, look into their available hair services since some of these salons specialize in certain hair services.

Are these salons famous for hair coloring, haircuts, or blow-outs and styling? Make sure to be specific when examining their services and see which more likely fits your salon needs. Also, look at their signature styles and see if it complements your preferences as well.

Some hair salons offer all-in-one services that can become beneficial for a special occasion. For instance, you can have your hair, makeup, and nails done under the same roof.

Ask From Friends and Colleagues

If you have friends and colleagues staying around Colorado Springs, consider asking for their reliable testimonies.

Asking for recommendations doesn’t simply provide you a living proof about a hair salon, but these people that you personally know can also suggest salons based on your style and preferences. If you happen to know someone with a great hairstyle, don’t hesitate to ask them and give the hairdresser a call. Don’t forget to mention your friend’s name in case they have a referral program.

Have A Consultation

Hair professionals or stylists are crucial to a hair salon; they can either make or break their business. Before you directly let the stylist touch your hair, have a personal consultation to set your hair goals and assess the stylist in some way based on their answers.

When consulting with the stylists, make sure to deliver clear ideas to them to exactly express your expectations for your hair.

A great hairstylist should be able to meet the following:

  • Consider your face shape, skin tone, lifestyle habits, among others to know how to style your hair.
  • Consider the natural characteristics of your hair, such as natural hair color and texture, to find the right and safe products for your hair.
  • Put your hair and scalp health in utmost priority and suggest alternative options if your chosen style can’t be desired due to hair health.
  • Explain everything without sounding too technical to improve understanding with their clients.

Try The “Blow-Dry” Test

Take the consultation into another level by conducting the practice for your chosen hairstylist, without letting them cut your hair, through the blow-dry test.

To get a feel on the hair salon and its services, set an appointment for a simple blow-dry service right before you go straight to school, work, or your other daily commitments.

Before committing for a haircut, having a simple blow-dry service from the salon can help you establish a connection with its people. Also, you can get a feeling of how the salon provides services with their clients where you can always back out if you didn’t like the blow-dry service, its facilities, and even the attitude of the employees.

Once you’ve backed out, at least you haven’t let your guard down with stylists touching your hair with scissors.

Check Their Client Population

One of the best indicators to see if a hair salon business is thriving is to see if the salon is always busy with flooding customers. Though it might be troublesome to wait for your turn, their services will be worthwhile since a lot of people are trusting their products and services.

Before visiting the hair salon, always make sure that you have booked an appointment to lessen the hassle of waiting for your turn.

Take Note of Extras

Aside from the salon’s staff and services, have an overall look inside the salon. Pay attention to the smallest details as they tell a lot about the hair salon you’re visiting.

Here are some good considerations:

  • Check the hygiene and cleanliness of different hair styling tools and other beauty equipment that they use from one client to another.
  • Are the chairs comfortable enough for you?
  • Do they have entertainment paraphernalia to keep clients from boredom? Some examples include recent magazines, books, and television.
  • How about the structural technicalities? Is the salon space wide enough to accommodate clients all at once? Is the lighting good enough?


Nothing is more fulfilling than stepping out of a hair salon wearing your crowning glory with full style that has met your expectations. When finding the best hair salon, consider following the tips mentioned above to get your hair into its full potential.

Last, but not the least, find a great hair salon that can provide satisfaction without breaking your bank.

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