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Best Fragrances to Help You Relax on Vacation

When you work all year at a job that requires all your time, energy, and brainpower, it can be hard to relax. Even on vacation, you may find yourself frantically checking your email or hopping on calls. This is why so many women this holiday season have begun to use fragrance science to help their work anxiety.

There are many ways to use fragrances to find peace and serenity on a vacation. This includes everything from candles to perfumes. Here are a few of our top picks for the best types of products to seek to make your vacation as relaxing as possible.

Relaxing Candles

Many people enjoy candles because they allow a fragrance to permeate through the house. If you are staying in a hotel or condo over the holidays, or even just in your own home, a candle is a perfect way to wind down. Light a lemon-scented candle to help with calm concentration. This is perfect to light in the morning to sharpen your focus for the day without the usual jolt of caffeine, which is known to ignite anxieties and stressors.

Especially around the holidays, peppermint and cinnamon are big favorites among candles. These, like lemon, are great for concentration. Peppermint especially is known to boost energy. Using an invigorating scented candle in the morning instead of caffeine is a great way to set yourself up for a relaxing day away from the office. Plus, family and friends will love the sweet scents from your new candle.

Subtle Perfumes

If you are out and about during the day, you can’t exactly carry a candle around with you. This is why perfume can be a great way to relax with soothing scents.

The preference for perfume is unique to every woman, so it’s best to do your research and check out guides to the best perfumes for women. Read the reviews to find one that appeals to you and your relaxation needs.

One base scent in perfume that many women find soothing is Jasmine. Jasmine calms nerves and boosts energy. This can be ideal for running errands or doing an activity that requires energy and focus while still remaining relaxed and peaceful.

Lavender is also a wonderful calming agent. It is soothing and releases tension. It even helps with headaches. If you are dealing with stress headaches from long days in the office, use a lavender scented perfume on vacation to relax and revitalize.

Natural Scents

While there are many ways to purchase bottled fragrances, there are also natural solutions as well. If you enjoy cooking, use food to get every scent you need. Citrus, in particular, is known for its invigorating scent. These fragrances can elevate your mood and relax your nerves. Cut fresh citrus to take in the great scents they offer.

In addition to citrus, scents like rosemary, peppermint, cinnamon, and even pumpkin can be experienced naturally by cutting and cooking with these foods.

Another great way to benefit from relaxing fragrances in the kitchen is with a cup of tea. Brew a nice cup of tea and breathe in the fragrances of the beverage in between sips. This can serve to relax your entire body with warmth and scent. There are teas available in every flavor and fragrance you could imagine.

The Bottom Line

There are many ways to use fragrances to help induce relaxation. Leave the work at the office and use these scented products to get in the mindset for vacation, so you can make the most of your time with family and friends.


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