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Increase Your Productivity with these Energy-Boosting Scents

Ever wonder why the aroma of your morning cup of coffee can make you feel awake and motivated? The sense of smell can influence mental activity due to the olfactory bulbs located in the brain. Thus, some scents can bring forth strong energy-boosting effects once inhaled. Most of these essential oils can also help relieve stress and tension headaches, resulting in a more fruitful day. So, aside from coffee, here are other energy-boosting scents that can increase your productivity at work or school.


Ylang-ylang is a tropical blossom known for its several health benefits, including its mood-boosting effects. In fact, a lot of aromatherapy practitioners use this healing flower to fight fatigue, reduce stress, and relieve some depressive symptoms. As shown in one study, ylang-ylang was able to help women with post-menopausal syndrome reduce their anxiety and improve their self-esteem. But, that’s not all. Aside from providing an invigorating feeling, this essential oil can also help improve your blood flow, fight inflammation, and bring forth a youthful complexion.


Today, citrus oils are some of the most widely used energy-boosting scents. A common remedy for an afternoon slump is to inhale the sweet, refreshing, and invigorating aroma of an orange or lemon. Aside from these two citrus fruits, bergamot oil can also fight fatigue and improve your mood. One reason is due to the various components of bergamot oil like limonene that can improve your blood flow and increase your energy levels. Lastly, grapefruit is another citrus product that can energize your body and mind.


Inhaling peppermint oil is a common remedy to relieve a runny nose. But, did you know that this mint-flavored herb can also offer numerous brain benefits? Basically, taking a few deep breathes of this essential oil can help fight mental fatigue, resulting in a clear and more focused mind. Furthermore, peppermint can also enhance your memory and attention, which was shown in one study with 45 participants. But, there’s more. You can also use this essential oil to ease headaches and muscle pain. Unfortunately, you may not feel these mind-stimulating effects if you drink peppermint tea.


Widely known as the herb of remembrance, rosemary is one of the most popular memory and energy-boosting scents in the market. In fact, in the ancient times, Greek scholars typically use this fragrant herb to help stimulate their minds and prevent mental fatigue during exams. The good news is that various studies can back-up this claim. As shown in one study, the participants that inhaled rosemary oil felt more content. Furthermore, their mental abilities have also improved. In another study, researchers revealed that an antioxidant (carnosic acid) in rosemary can help protect the brain against Alzheimer’s disease. However, pregnant women and epileptic patients should avoid using this aromatic herb.


The last in this list of energy-boosting scents is lavender. As you know, this purple flower is popular for its calming effect that leads to a deep slumber. Getting enough sleep will certainly ensure that your mental functions are at its peak. But, lavender has other ways to help improve your productivity at work or school. As shown in one study, rosemary was able to enhance the concentration of the participants after inhaling the essential oil during their work break. Finally, you can also use this aromatic herb to relieve a headache and nervous tensions.


Using these energy-boosting scents can certainly provide benefits. However, essential oils are potent products that may cause harm, especially when improperly used. For this reason, always consult your doctor before using any essential oils. Furthermore, you should only buy products from reputable sellers. Terms like “100% pure” or “therapeutic grade” may indicate that the oil is high quality. In addition, you should also follow the directions indicated on the product’s label or package insert. When in doubt, read the label. Then get ready to focus with the help of these essential oils.

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