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Beauty Standards are Changing, and Now Men are Wearing Makeup! Here are Some Chic Makeup Trends for Men

As you know, beauty standards have evolved. Today, there are makeup products designed for men. In fact, more and more males are wearing makeup for various reasons. One, in particular, is to get a flawless complexion and appearance. So, what are some of the chic makeup trends for men?

1. Multi-Functional Makeup

Compared to women’s makeup, men’s makeup is designed to be unnoticeable or invisible. For this reason, more and more males are embracing the power of makeup. In fact, most men opt for multi-functional makeup. To be specific, this type of makeup has one formula, but it can offer two or more benefits. For example, some men use BB cream, which they can use as a foundation and skincare product at the same time.

One of the most popular reasons men are opting for multi-functional makeup is because it offers convenience without compromising its effectiveness.

2. Moisturizers

Keep in mind that the skin of men is tougher and oilier than their female counterparts. For this reason, using a moisturizer is not only for women. Males should also use this beauty product for a smooth and youthful complexion.

Because men also need moisturizers, one of the best makeup trends for men is applying BB or CC creams. Remember, these products are not only designed to conceal your blemishes. It is also part moisturizer; thus, it can also hydrate the skin and control excess oil.

3. Concealer

Aside from BB creams, another popular makeup product for men is concealer. In fact, a lot of beauty experts believe that a concealer will be part of every man’s skin care routine. The reason is that it can hide imperfections, like odd blemishes, dark circles, and red spots.

4. Eye Creams and Gels

Aside from those makeup trends for men, eye creams and gels are also gaining popularity. Remember, a man’s appeal is mostly focused on their eyes. Unfortunately, a lot of men look old and tired because of their dark circles. A concealer can hide this imperfection; however, there’s a better solution, which is the use of eye cream or gel. Because of this reason, more and more men are including an eye cream or gel in their skincare routine.

All in all, these are some of the chic makeup trends for men. As presented, makeup is not only designed for women. Men can also apply makeup to achieve a flawless look. Remember, men’s makeup is designed to be invisible, so most people won’t notice that you’re wearing one.


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