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5 Countries Where Makeup for Men Is Becoming Normal

Have you ever envied male celebrities with voluminous lashes and flawless skin? Before you assume that these famous guys are just naturally born with perfect facial features, you might want to zoom in a little closer on that red-carpet image. In reality, more men – famous or not – are actually wearing makeup for men and it’s growing into a worldwide craze.

The concept of men wearing makeup isn’t totally new to the male beauty industry. Starting from the ancient Egyptians in 4000 BCE, it was also popular among Roman men during the 1st Century and French royalty during the 18thCentury. Today, you’ll find a large following of millennial men all over the world making mens makeup a normal part of their grooming routine. 

From lipstick to BB cream to concealer for men, nothing’s off limits to what kind of beauty products men are using on their faces. As the male makeup craze grows, here are the top five countries where makeup for men is becoming almost as normal as wearing SPF.

Makeup in South Korea

The K-beauty craze has already filtered into women’s skincare and makeup across the U.S., so it’s not a surprise that Korea is also sparking the mens makeup trend in their own country. According to data by Euromonitor released on CNN, the Korean skincare market grew by 44% from 2011 to 2017 making South Korean men one of the biggest spenders on cosmetics. You’ll normally catch male K-pop stars wearing dark eye makeup and bright lipstick, making it an even more desirable trend among fans. 

Makeup in United Kingdom

Apparently, British men are much more open to cosmetic experimentation than we might assume. According to a makeup poll released on YouGov, one in twenty British men actually wear makeup; that’s roughly 5% of the male British population. While pollers had different motives for wearing makeup for men, it was most popularly worn for concealing blemishes and because it’s just plain fun. 

Makeup in USA 

As one of the most progressive nations in the world, American men took a fast liking to men’s makeup products once it became readily available. Differio is actually one of the first online trendy menswear stores to launch men’s makeup in the U.S. with top cosmetic brands, like MMUK Man and Context. With global cosmetic companies, like Cover Girl and Maybelline, promoting men as their brand ambassadors, makeup for men is becoming especially popular here among American millennials and Generation Z.

Makeup in China 

When it comes to the Asian beauty market, Chinese men are right behind South Korean men. Apparently, the male K-pop trend of wearing men’s makeup is also spreading into the Chinese cosmetics market. Wang Yuepeng and Song Yewen are just a few of the beauty vloggers in the Asian beauty community making a career out of men’s makeup with millions of followers on social media. 

Makeup in Colombia

Among South American countries, it’s surprising that Brazil isn’t pioneering men’s makeup, especially since it has a big reputation for plastic surgery. It’s actually Colombian men that are more open to wearing makeup for men. More specifically, they enjoy getting male manicures for any occasion. According to survey results released on BBC News, over 27% of Colombian males wear nail polish for men regularly.

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