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Beach Sexy Skin for a Sexy You

Straight from the pages of VIVA GLAM Magazine’s Sexiest Issue,

Beach Sexy Skin for a Sexy You

The essentials for before, during, and after .

Yeah, your skin is on the outside, but with these conscious skincare choices, you’ll be sexy on the outside and the inside!

Sexy skin starts with smooth parts:

Organic Shave Soap

You know Dr. Bronner’s. The list of ethical certifications is unsurpassed
and only matched by this soap’s moisturizing, magic goodness.

Razor & Travel Case

The most animal, environment, and skin friendly razor ever is Preserve’s Shave 5.

Made with recycled yogurt cups and never tested on animals, this is a smooth ride to hair free legs and a guilt free heart.

*Comes in a travel case

Hair Removal Cream

The 100% cruelty-free company Nad’s has Sensitive Hair Removal Cream
for legs, and a Facial Hair Removal Cream.

A sweet shave-less option that lathers you with melon, aloe vera, avocado oil, and honey!


Luxury Salt Scrub

Peak Inc’s has a collection of sea salt scrubs, rich with organic, fragrant oils and real flowers.

It is truly as nourishing for your mood as it is for your skin.


E’Squeeze Me? Yes, You Need Sunscreen.

Peak Inc is serious protection for you and aqua-life. Reef safe and hypoallergenic, this .≤potion lotion’ is easily the best all natural sunscreen we’ve seen. (made in the USA)


Prefer Browning? Bronzing oil

Baja Bae’s 100% natural ingredients enhance tanning, nourish skin, and fight cellulite, while also containing antioxidants (hello anti-aging!). Could there be a better way to a bootiful bronzed bod?!

Soothe Your Sun-kissed Skin

Whether your day in the sun has left you perfectly preserved, a little pink, or beautifully browned, Dr. Bronner’s will be the sultry follow-up kiss your skin craves.







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