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Gwendalyn Augustine

Gwen has been in the magazine industry for 14 years and has extensive experience with both production and Intellectual Property law. She is the Editor-in- Chief of VIVA GLAM Magazine’s print and digital issues, and is also a contributing writer. Gwen covers a myriad of topics for VIVA GLAM, including natural beauty products, travel, events, and health.

  • Beach Sexy Skin for a Sexy You

    Straight from the pages of VIVA GLAM Magazine’s Sexiest Issue, Beach Sexy Skin for a Sexy You The essentials for before,...

    BeautyGwendalyn AugustineAugust 27, 2018
  • Putting The Squeeze on Sunscreens

    Deciphering the code of caring for your skin We all know that beautiful skin is an essential part of being glamorous....

    BeautyGwendalyn AugustineAugust 29, 2016
  • Sailing the Waves of Life with Trenton Carroll

    Meet a modern-day Poseidon: Trenton Carroll. A Tuesday afternoon with perfect weather and I was headed to Marina Del Rey in...

    TravelGwendalyn AugustineAugust 26, 2016