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  • The Importance of Wearing Sunscreen

    So many of us are guilty of this- we head out into the sun without protecting our skin. Perhaps the sun...

    BeautyMalorie MackeyJuly 3, 2020
  • Top 5 Reasons to Always Use Sunscreen

    After a frigid winter, it is time to go out in the sun and enjoy nature, the natural vitamin D and...

    BeautyvivaglamMarch 28, 2019
  • Beach Sexy Skin for a Sexy You

    Straight from the pages of VIVA GLAM Magazine’s Sexiest Issue, Beach Sexy Skin for a Sexy You The essentials for before,...

    BeautyGwendalyn AugustineAugust 27, 2018
  • Hawaii Bans Sunscreens That Can Harm Coral Reefs

    Hawaii became the first state to ban chemical sunscreens in order to protect the state’s coral reefs and marine life. According...

    BeautyYss GuerreroJuly 19, 2018
  • Putting The Squeeze on Sunscreens

    Deciphering the code of caring for your skin We all know that beautiful skin is an essential part of being glamorous....

    BeautyGwendalyn AugustineAugust 29, 2016
  • How to Protect Your Pale Skin in the Summer

    In medieval times, people with pale skin were considered to be royal and upper-class because they didn’t have to work in...

    HealthErin AshleyJune 30, 2016
  • Eat Your Sunscreen For Healthier Skin

    Studies now show that using chemical sunscreens can actually cause cancer and decrease libido. As well, Sunscreen may prevent Vitamin D synthesis...

    Viva FitAngela JeanAugust 16, 2012