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“Awakening” by Erin Fall Haskell will Help You Live Your Best Life

Doctor of Divinity, Erin Fall Haskell recently wrote and published “Awakening; a 40-day guide to unleashing your spiritual powers, life’s purpose, and manifesting your dreams.” We had the pleasure of reading it here at VIVA GLAM Magazine, and we were truly touched by the positive and influential nature of this book. It reminds us that everything we do manifests what comes next in our lives and only if we are truly fulfilled on the inside will we be living our best life. I sat down with Dr. Erin to discuss “Awakening” with her.

First of all, I love your book. I love the idea of a 40-day guide to living your best life. Your book helps improve your readers’ lives with activities to practice living in an awakened state. How did you come up with that?

There’s something that happens energetically in the realm of 40 days… We are habitual beings that are designed to re- program our subconscious mind through repetition. Also, 40 days is biblical, and it felt right to make sure I was really attracting someone who was trying to have a true spiritual awakening. Furthermore, 40 days is a solar cycle and so it is important to align with Universal Law. We are one with the entire universe.

How often do you find that people aren’t living the life they want and don’t even realize it?

Let’s put it the opposite way. There’s probably 0.001% of the population truly living an authentic life. The majority of all of us, including myself, have so much programming of what we’ve been told is the right way to live, what looks good, what titles we should have, what is the right relationship, the right clothes, the right house. Where do we find our authentic expression in this world? This is the work we are here to do; wake up to the fact that we are powerful spiritual beings, reprogram our subconscious mind and release limited beliefs, align with Mother Nature and Universal Law, and affirm our truth daily. Each person has their truth, a unique divine expression and gift to give to the world.

Many people aren’t living the life they want because they don’t think it’s possible to do what they love and make money. Your book lets them know it is possible! What are the first steps you would give someone to help them start to live their best life?

The four steps in the book are: wake up, reprogram, align, and affirm. The first step isn’t trying to shift or change anything but recognizing how powerful you really are. You are manifesting 24/7 without any effort, whatsoever. So, the first step is waking up to the fact that your consciousness (individual, collective, and cosmic) is creating every last drop of life, right now! We must accept what is right now before we can change anything. Next, the work is not to try and create your dreams, but to begin to release the limited beliefs within your subconscious mind. Thirdly, the work is to align and flow with life, following your bliss and letting go of anything that no longer serves you. Finally, you must affirm through a daily spiritual practice.

I think you have great ideas on complaining. It’s something very common that plagues everyone without them even realizing it. What advice can you give to our readers on stopping their complaining and starting to see the positivity around them?

I think the biggest thing is to understand how manifesting works. The moment that you complain, you are energizing [the thing you are complaining about] to keep coming back into your life. It’s not about, “don’t think that.” That won’t work because we’re focusing on what we don’t want and not what we do want. It’s really important to understand how powerful you are. When you complain you are informing the Universe to bring more of that exact thing into your life.

And how do you keep a positive attitude on dealing with the negative aspects of life?

The core practice is meditation. When you battle your thoughts, it doesn’t end well. Meditation is the cure for all suffering. You have to allow your higher self and the energy to come in and do the magic it is designed to do. It all comes down to peace within. You can’t find [peace] out in the world. It’s all within. That’s where the truth comes from. Beauty is an inside job. It starts with expanding your consciousness through meditation.

We here at VIVA GLAM Magazine are big on manifesting. I am so glad you touched on that. Can you give us an example on how manifesting has helped improve your life?

Again, we are manifesting 24/7. Consciously manifesting is different. You are doing it without any effort. Knowing that has helped me begin to focus my energy and manifest more of what I do want… [Manifesting] helps me grow more than anything. In fact, the point of manifesting is that we’re here to grow. And it’s not about manifesting the mental picture out there, it’s about manifesting within. Who is the greatest expression of me? I manifest, now, who I desire to be.

I won’t give too much away, but the “Life’s Purpose Statement” chapter really affected me. I think it’s a great tool. If you don’t mind sharing, what is your Life’s Purpose Statement that you made for yourself?

Mine right now is, “I am a powerful spiritual leader. I live abundantly with X amount a year from my investments and platforms. I joyously love my divinely abundant husband, family, and friends. I inspire daily through my show, ministry, and women’s empowerment events. What I will give in exchange for X amount a year is awakening people to their divinity, their life’s purpose, and assisting them in manifesting their dreams.”

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Dr. Erin Fall Haskell, Author of “Awakening”

And there you have it! Starting your process of awakening begins with truly understanding yourself and what you are capable of. Once you are there, you have so much to strive for. Pick up your copy of “Awakening” today so you can live your best life, too. We could all use a little more positivity and happiness in our lives. And, I think everyone could benefit from creating their Life Purpose Statement.

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