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Ariat Apparel: Comfortable Clothing and Footwear That Stands Up to the Elements

If you’ve been to a farm or just casually walked through the Aussie countryside in recent years, you’ve no doubt spotted many people dressed head-to-toe in Ariat. This poses the question: Why is Ariat popular among equestrians and people working outdoors or just plain hiking out in the country?

Whatever people’s reason for spending time in the countryside is, Ariat sees everyone as an athlete that puts their body to the test and as a result needs quality clothing to provide comfort and protection. The company works hard to create designs that can improve your performance and make your time out in the bush a lot more pleasant.

And on top of that, the Ariat line is known for fashionable apparel unlike other manufacturers of outdoor and work clothing. The clothing, shoes and accessories are stylish redesigns of traditional country-western items to better complement the current tastes of modern-day consumers.

Who Can Benefit from Wearing Ariat Apparel?

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First and foremost, Ariat is a performance-oriented brand. As such, it primarily focuses on the needs of field and farm workers and professional equestrians. But this doesn’t mean that they do not put everyday riders and casual countryside hikers into their focus as well. The Ariat range is split into several lines focusing on different consumers, outdoor activities, skill levels, age, gender and budget.

The Clothing Range

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Looking to upgrade your wardrobe with some heavy-duty pieces designed to resist everything nature throws at them? Check out the brand’s extensive clothing range. With the help of a well-stocked retailer carrying Ariat apparel, you can find everything you need from lightweight tops to insulating breeches, comfy down jackets and gilets.

But, is Ariat good quality clothing? Well, let’s just say that each and every piece the brand puts on the market is manufactured for a specific season and use. To make sure the piece you buy suits your expectations, check out the many specialised features the brand offers.

Specialised Cold Series

Even though the winters here aren’t as extreme as those on the opposite half of the globe, they still shouldn’t be underestimated. Especially if you plan on spending time in the outback. Thanks to the AriatTEK Cold Series, you will never feel chilly or uncomfortable. The AriatTEK Cold Series technology is engineered to keep the core warm, helping to maintain a comfortable body temperature.

Specialised Heat Series

If you’re not a fan of the cold, then you surely love to spend some time in the sun. But the summer also carries a set of risks. Stay protected from the sun and prevent sweating with AriatTEK Heat Series. The technology is specifically designed to keep you cool and dry in hot weather.

Breathable and Waterproof

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The clothing offered by the brand is completely seam-sealed to prevent water and wind from penetrating. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not breathable. While the surface fabric repels liquid and wind, the innovative technology still lets the heat and moisture from the body escape.


If you’re worried about the effects waterproofing treatments can have on the environment, there is also the line of eco-friendly waterproof garments Ariat clothing Australia retailers carry. EcoDry makes sure your clothes protect you from light rain and moisture without the use of harmful chemicals.

CFS Feature

The Calf Fit System by this brand results in bottoms that have stretch constructions with increased support at the calves and ankles. This helps to prevent sprains and other injuries while also reducing pressure points and friction.


Clothes that come with the Moisture Movement Technology wick the moisture away from the body and allow it to evaporate into the air fast. This makes sure that you feel dry and fresh all the time.

The Footwear Range

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Searching for new hiking boots? Or perhaps you need a pair to assist your horse riding lessons? Look no further than Ariat. Whatever kind of footwear you need, you can rest assured that buying from Ariat is a long-term investment that will stand the wear and tear.

And best of all, these shoes are not as expensive as other premium outdoor brands. The adult pairs cost from $100 to $450, while you can find children’s pairs for as little as $50.

Technical Features That Set Ariat Footwear Apart from Other Brands

4LR Technology

Found in the basic models, the 4LR technology ensures the feet get adequate support and comfortable cushioning. This makes them ideal for light terrain and everyday use.

ATS and ATS Pro Technology

The Advanced Torque Stability technology is found in the mid-range Ariat models. It provides great stability, breathability and cushioning for all-day use. ATS models are great for day hikes and work on the fields. The ATS Pro, on the other hand, is found in equestrian footwear and ensures optimal grip and performance in and out of the saddle.

Cobalt VX

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This feature is something Ariat can really brag about and is only found on their premium high-end models. It guarantees optimal temperature regulation, great support and increased flexibility thanks to smart use of materials and an engineered fit.

Nitro Technology

Another example of Ariat’s premium engineering, the Nitro technology results in footwear that is lightweight while at the same time providing cushioning and stabilisation of the foot. Those that have tried this type of footwear say it provides a floorless feeling. As such, it’s perfect for longer and multi-day hikes and workers that spend a lot of time on their feet.

Different Sole Designs


Depending on the activity you’re taking part in, you may need to look for a specific sole design. Ariat has the following sole technologies to offer:

  • Divino – This outsole comes with increased durability due to being made of natural leather. This results in a traditional looking shoe with great slip resistance and maximum grip.
  • Duratred – This is a sole made of rubber that’s long-lasting and ensures wear resistance while still being flexible enough. Because it’s resistant to barnyard acids, it’s ideal for farm and field workers.
  • Monaco – As a leather outsole reinforced with a Duratred overlay, it offers a traditional look upgraded with the strength and traction of rubber.
  • Vortex – This is a lightweight design perfect for athletic use since it features a Pedax frame for stability, a Duratred overlay for maximum grip and the shock-absorbent technology of athletic shoes.
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