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How Can Businesses Prepare For Major Holidays?

It goes without saying – our social calendars are scattered with many major holidays throughout the year. And with them, comes the time to celebrate with family, friends and loved ones. Indeed, special occasions such as these are the perfect opportunity for us to make cherished memories together – whether you choose to sit back and relax or party up a storm!

Of course, regardless of how you choose to celebrate a milestone birthday, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, or even Easter – you need to be well prepared! And naturally, preparing for special occasions requires you to purchase special items with which to celebrate. These items usually include themed party decor and other celebratory paraphernalia, as well as thoughtful gifts to offer to your loved ones! 

The flow-on effect of this means, of course, that the party businesses from which we procure these special items are booming. As a party specialty retailer, you too need to be prepared for each special occasion your customers need to shop for. So, if you’re keen to learn how best to prepare your business for the special moments in your customers’ lives, follow these top tips!

Major Holidays, and How to Prepare for Them as a Business

The key to preparing your business for each major holiday that occurs throughout the year is to ensure that your store inventory is adequately stocked with items that are relevant to that specific occasion. To do this, a business owner must ensure that their party decor offerings are both in-theme, on-trend, and appealing to the customers shopping for them.

Mothers’ Day 

For Mothers’ Day, it is essential to stock your business’s inventory with items every mum will love! The best way to do this is to source quality wholesale Mother’s Day gifts at a low rate and resell them at a profit on your website. Think flowers, chocolates, and perhaps also less perishable items – such as soap, bath products, candles and home fragrance items. Soy wax melts in particular are becoming increasingly popular as gifts for mums – thanks both to their distinctive, warm and pleasant scent, but also because they are considered a somewhat safer option than burning essential oil which can cause spills and hazards in the home.

Milestone Birthdays

With every milestone birthday comes a special theme, and tailored party decorations specific to that occasion! Whether it is an 18th, 21st or 50th birthday, however, the decor needs to be both cheerful and festive. Indeed, some customers can be puzzled about how to decorate for a birthday, and this is where your guidance as a party retailer can come in! By ensuring that your business’s store inventory is well-stocked with top-quality and tasteful decorations, you can lead your customers in the right direction. Think streamers, balloons and colorful party favors to hand out to guests. By setting the party mood, you can help your customers throw a wonderful birthday bash!

Easter, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve

While Easter Bunny decorations are all the rage at that specific time of year, there are other items that customers will want to purchase to celebrate Easter. For example, some customers may wish to decorate their homes in a Springtime theme – featuring bright yellow chicks and colorful hatching Easter eggs.

Similarly, Christmas is an occasion with a color scheme all of its own. Of course, red and green decor abound. But let’s not forget the metallics – many customers will want to purchase gold and silver decorations as well! Indeed, more muted Christmas decor is becoming more and more popular of late, with some customers even choosing to dress their trees in rose gold and neutral-colored baubles. 

Last but not least, let’s not forget the ever-so-joyful New Year’s Eve bash! Possibly the most highly anticipated event of the year, it always involves ringing in the possibilities of a new cycle around the sun, as well as saying goodbye to the last one! Glitter is always a theme here, so you will want to stock your store with items that sparkle. Fancy hats, novelty glasses, feather boas and other glittery paraphernalia will go down a treat with your customers!

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The best way to prepare your business for the upcoming major holidays is to ensure that you are always stocked up with the relevant party items. At Christmas, customers will come looking for baubles and tinsel. At Easter, they’ll want bunnies and baby chicken decor. To celebrate their milestone birthday, you’ll need to make sure you’re supplying your customers with the party decorations they need to mark the special occasion! And of course, by ensuring that you stay both well-stocked and occasion-relevant, you can make sure that your customers will keep coming back. That is to say, they’ll come back to you year after year to make every occasion a special one. You just need to make sure that their party needs are met!


Provides advice to help retail business owners prepare their stores for major holidays throughout the year. 

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