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Alison Eastwood Talks FosterFurKids and Why You Should Foster Before Adopting

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How would you describe the typical pet fostering experience? What can people expect if they foster a dog or cat?

It’s a wonderful experience and it should be something where you feel you’re really doing something great. You get to be a part of the temper testing and the love and socialization of an animal that’s come out of a
traumatic environment and experience. I think you just need to figure out what it is you want to foster and dialogue as much as you can with the rescue that’s facilitating so you don’t get in a situation that you didn’t bargain for. It’s such a rewarding experience. It’s also great for people who are considering adopting an animal but really don’t know if they want a puppy, a dog, or cat. You can try it out to see if it’s a good fit. It saves a lot of lives to have a good foster base out there. Foster first, adopt later.

At this point in the interview, one of her foster kittens jumped on the piano.

The time is up for negotiation. I’ve had people who have kept a dog for six months, others three days if they got a home right away. Some dogs are going to be harder to place than others.

A lot of people have trouble fostering animals as it’s hard to give them up. What would you say to those people who would love to help but can’t afford to keep one long term or handle it emotionally?

We have a lot of foster failures and we understand that it’s a beautiful thing if they can’t give them up. A neighbor wanted to foster a kitten and she really wanted to keep a couple of them, but I talked her out of it and now they’ve been adopted. It’s wonderful because you know the animals are going to a great home and you can do it again for another animal. If they keep the animals, they won’t have space to foster!

How do you hope the organization will grow in the future?

As far as our rescue and Eastwood Ranch, our next plan is to build our own rescue facility and adoption center in Los Angeles so we have a brick and mortar spot. We’re hoping to get that accomplished in 2018.

You can follow Alison Eastwood on Twitter at @Foster_Furkids and @Eastwood_Ranch.

Consider fostering a dog or cat today by searching for a pet in your area:


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