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A Guide To Cordless Hair Dryers

A cordless hair dryer is powered by a built-in or removable rechargeable battery unit. The battery packs enough juice to run for several minutes or even an hour without needing to be plugged into an electric outlet. One would, however, have to recharge the battery to continue using this type of hair dryer. 

Anyone that is always on the move but would like to keep their hair neatly done will find cordless dryers handy and efficient. These dryers are designed for mobility and flexibility, as they can be used on the go. Cordless hairdryers are characteristically lightweight and dual voltage, meaning you won’t have to bring an adapter wherever you go. Powered by batteries, this dryer is ideal for light use, mostly recommended for campers, those with short hair, or to use on your children or pets. The absence of a cord makes the dryer much safer, especially around kids and pets. Read on for tips from expert hairdryer review site, Hairdryerfair about buying cordless 

Cordless Hair Dryer Key Features 

This type of hairdryer is quite popular with backpackers, adventurers, campers, and travelers. All one needs is to ensure the battery pack is fully charged before heading out. This offers another level of freedom for those that love venturing outdoors or are always on the move but still want to keep their hair neatly styled. Shopping for and choosing the best portable hair dryer can, however be a little intimidating for some. Outlined below are the main features of a cordless hair dryer. 

1. A DC Motor

Portable hair dryers mainly run off a DC motor. This is because DC motors are considerably lighter and more energy efficient, making them perfect for portable applications. This is unlike your conventional dryer that uses an AC motor. 

2. Batteries

Battery packs is what make portable/cordless hair dryers possible. These dryers run on lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries can store energy for extended periods, are lightweight, and are very reactive. These are the same batteries used on modern cell phones. Although the batteries are powerful enough, running the hair dryer continuously for extended periods wouldn’t be advisable to prevent the batteries from overheating. 

3. Rechargeables

The most efficient cordless hair dryers are powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Some of these batteries can be recharged thousands of times before they can lose their efficiency. Depending on the type, you can recharge the battery separately or hook it up to an electric socket. 

Advantages Of Cordless Hair Dryers

A cordless hair dryer is a must-have for anyone that spends most of their time outdoors. Here are some of the benefits of owning one: 

1. Ease of Use

Cordless hair dryers come with the most basic airflow and temperature control features. They also way much less than a regular dryer at a pound or even less. This not only makes these dryers lighter but also simpler to use. 

2. They Are Highly Portable

The lack of a cord is a crucial selling point for these hair dryers. With no need to plug it in all the time, you can use the dryer virtually anywhere off the grid. All that is required of you is to ensure the battery is fully charged and everything will be set. Lithium-ion batteries are incredibly lightweight, hence no risk of arm fatigue either. 

3. They are Travel-Friendly

In addition to cordless hair dryers being lightweight, they are designed to be compact and highly portable. Most of these are dual-voltage, meaning you can recharge the batteries anywhere in the world. This takes away the pain of having to bring an adapter with you on each trip. Their light and compact nature makes them the ideal accessory for anyone traveling abroad or backpacking. 

4. They Are Safer 

For starters, the absence of a cord makes these dryers considerably safer to use around kids and pets. Additionally, portable hair dryers operate on lower voltages and wattage, making them energy efficient and reducing EMF radiation. This thus makes them safer than conventional hair dryers overall. 

Important Factors to Consider When Shopping for A cordless Hair Dryer

Shopping for a cordless hair dryer can be an interesting experience for the first-time buyer. It, however, doesn’t have to be intimidating. Outlined below are some of the key features and things to consider when shopping for one. 

1. Running time

Powered by a battery, you need to know exactly how long you can use the dryer before it runs out of juice. Some portable hair dryers have stronger, more efficient batteries, hence can run longer than others. That said, it would be advisable to go for one with the highest running time. This depends on your preferred style, how long your hair is, and how often you intend to use the dryer. Average-length hair, for example, takes about 15 minutes to dry and straighten;  more for longer hair. Short hair will, however, take less time to dry and straighten. 

2. Power

How powerful is the dryer? Most cordless hair dryers are rated at 400 watts, with some rated even less. The power rating determines how powerful the motor is and how well-quickly it can get the work done. The higher the power rating is, the larger the size of the battery to be expected. Be sure to consider your type of hair and length when deciding on this one. Low-powered hair dryers are fit for short fine hair, while higher-rated ones are best for long, thick hair. 

3. Weight 

Although cordless hair dryers are designed to be lightweight, some models might be heavier than others, though lighter than conventional corded ones. That said, it would be advisable to go for the lightest but most powerful hair dryer you can find. Lighter models are easier to work with thanks to the reduced weight and arm strain. Cordless hair dryers weighing 1.2 pounds or less are the most preferred. 

4. Charging Time

Every cordless electrical device needs to be recharged for it to continue working. Some devices take more time to charge, while others take less. With this in mind, you might want to lean towards portable dryers with minimal recharging time. The average recharging time for most models out there is around 3 hours and it’s important to care properly for the battery. Investing in an extra battery can, however, help eliminate the charging hassle. 

5. Accessories/Attachments

Accessories are a must-have for hair dryers. Most hair dryers will come with a diffuser, concentrators, and other accessories off the box. These hair dryer attachments make drying and styling much easier. A concentrator is an attachment designed to direct heat to one spot for more effortless smoothing and straightening. A diffuser, on the other hand, helps spread heated air evenly for bouncy and curly hair. 

6. Additional Features

In addition to the 5 features mentioned above, you might also want to look for extra features from the hair dryer. Some cordless dryers have an ionizer feature that easily improves efficiency by breaking down water molecules. This makes drying and straightening hair much faster, leaving you with sleek, smooth hair. Some brands will also have a cool shot feature that enables one to lock in a specific hairstyle. This feature also helps make hair strands seem healthier and more radiant. EMF-free rating is another feature you might want to look out for when shopping for your next portable hair dryer. This feature protects your hair from radiation while drying, preventing damage to individual hair strands and follicles.

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