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VIVA GLAM’s Favorite Black Luxury Handbags

Black is one of the basic, essential colors when it comes to fashion, especially when it comes to accessories. It’s pretty safe to say that every woman needs a staple black luxury handbag. So, we pulled the following luxury handbags for you to choose from. All are vegan, cruelty-free, and made with the highest quality. You will definitely look fashion- forward and compassionate rocking one of these bags.

Hamilton Cross-Body by Angela Roi

Available for $215 here.

Pleat Clutch by Chapter Bag

Available for $78 here.

Ruffle Crossbody- Onyx from Hozen Collection

Available for $180.

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Cottontail Pe by Gunas New York

Available for $198 here.

Stella- Black by Voni Los Angeles

Available for $110 here.


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