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8 Important Things To Look For When Buying Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can be defined as artificial hair tied to natural hair with the help of bonding agents, weaves, and clips. The method comes in very handy for women who wish to add length and volume to their locks without spending hours in front of a mirror or visiting a salon every two weeks. Women choose options like clip-in and sew-in extensions, but there are various other ways to attach them as well. Here are eight important things you should look for when buying hair extensions.

Hair Material

The first thing you need to consider while purchasing hair extensions is the material they’re made of. According to hair extension gurus from Spectrum One, human hair has always been the most popular choice because it’s soft, manageable, and looks natural. They have a brilliant shine and can be dyed easily. The best thing about hair extensions made with 100% human hair is that you can style them as you would do with your natural hair. Alternatives to human hair come in the form of synthetic fibers, but they are known to cause allergic reactions in some cases. If you have a sensitive scalp, it would be wise to stick to human hair extensions instead. 

Mash Method

The next step is to make sure the hair extensions are of good quality and were produced using professional equipment without causing any damage or harm to surround skin. One of the best ways to make sure you get your money’s worth is to check for a mash method (manipulation) seal, which tells you how many times the hair was treated before selling it in retail stores. The more times it goes through manipulation, the more durable it becomes. These seals help ensure that quality standards are met at every stage of extension production by both manufacturers and retailers alike.

Hair Texture

The texture of your extensions largely depends on your preference as different types look better on different people. The three major hair textures available in the market include silky, silky straight, and body wave. Silk extensions are practically unprocessed hair, so you can expect more volume after attaching them. Silky straight hair extensions appear very natural and give the appearance of smooth, flowing locks of natural hair. Body wave extensions resemble relaxed or permed hair, which is why they look great on women with naturally wavy hair.

Length and Volume

Hair extensions come in various lengths and thicknesses. You can choose to buy hair that closely resembles your hair texture or one that’s longer than yours. How much hair you need depends on how much volume you want to add to your natural locks, so make sure you match the quantity required by multiplying the length of your locks by four. For instance, if your tresses are 10 inches long, then you’ll require 40 inches of hair extensions. Keep in mind that long hair requires more clips to keep it in place. However,  if you’re buying hair extensions for the first time, it’s best to consult a professional stylist.

Color Matching

To make your hair extensions look natural, they must match your natural hair color. As most women can’t afford to visit salons every time their roots start showing, it’s best to buy a shade that comes close to the one you already have. To know whether your chosen extensions will suit you or not, place them next to your face and neck in sunlight and check if the shade is perfect. Extensions that don’t match your skin tone will be very obvious and may appear fake, which defeats the purpose of wearing them in the first place. It is also recommended to buy slightly lighter or darker extensions than your natural hair color to avoid harsh contrasts.

Bonding Method

The most common methods include micro-ring, keratin tip, and standard bonding. Micro-rings are one of the most popular options when it comes to hair extensions because they’re both durable and easy to remove. They also look more natural in comparison to other bonding methods. In addition, you’ll require a heat source for this method, so be sure that your new hair extensions can withstand high temperatures. Keratin tips are mostly preferred by women who want to keep changing the color of their hair extensions regularly. They don’t require heat either, which means that there’s no damage to your natural tresses. Standard bonding is a more cost-effective option that doesn’t require heat or damage your hair. This method is best for women that have little time to visit salons regularly and don’t mind the fact their extensions aren’t very natural looking.

Price Factor

The price range varies so make sure you do some research online about which brands offer high-quality extensions at an affordable rate before making a purchase decision.  Don’t be afraid to ask the retailer about the quality of their products and prices before actually buying them because many companies offer discount coupons or special discounts on first-time purchases. However, when buying hair extensions, make sure to never sacrifice quality, so it’s best to invest in a good product rather than buying a cheap one that may ruin your look. Even if you have to spend a bit more, it’s worth it if your hair extensions will last you a long time and give out a great look.

Maintenance Tips

Hair extensions need care and maintenance because you don’t want them to damage the natural hair underneath the best human hair extensions. It’s best to avoid showering with extra weight on your head for a long time, which is why you must use light-weight shampoo and conditioners instead of salon products. If possible, try washing your hair twice or thrice a week by applying conditioner only at the tips while avoiding massaging it into the roots where natural hair is growing. Avoid using regular shampoos even if they’re labeled ‘no tears’ since they contain harsh chemicals that can affect both – the extensions and the hair underneath. Lastly, when your hair extensions get dry or tangled, it’s best to avoid brushing them but use a wide-tooth comb instead to prevent breakage that can lead to serious damage or bald patches.

As you can see, hair extensions come in different varieties and it’s best to choose carefully according to your requirements and needs. Therefore, when choosing hair extensions, you must always consider the factors mentioned above to get the best possible product for yourself. Although it may be a little expensive to purchase the right hair extensions, the results and benefits you’ll receive will be well worth it in the end.

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