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6 Great Ideas for Autumn Weekends

Autumn is an excellent season for those who love good food, colors, festivities, and cooler weather than summer. Contrary to what most people think, autumn is an exciting period with a lot to offer, just like summer.

You could spend time on your porch playing poker in a mobile casino or go to the park to enjoy the natural views while enjoying your peace. It does not stop there. There are many ways to spend autumn weekends alone or with family and friends.

1. Go Hiking

Autumn is the perfect time to go hiking. Autumn is an exciting time for bird watching; hiking during the season allows you to have an enriched experience. During this time, birds move to cooler locations perfect for breeding, and you can get lucky and catch flocks of birds.

Chasing the summit is a more fulfilling experience during autumn, thanks to the colors and vibrant foliage. You will have a more intimate experience, as there are fewer crowds. Hiking with your dog in the cool fall weather will be more comfortable. The autumn smell is fantastic, and waterfalls tend to be more beautiful during fall.

2. Attend Festivals

Fall is packed with festivals with tons of fun-filled activities. You are also free to visit the next town to find out if there are fairs and festivals. You could also get information online and locate falls outside your state. This could make a great weekend plan outside your state.

You can attend giant pumpkin races, balloon festivals, autumn arboretum, or even hold a themed festival at home and invite friends.

3. Attend Oktoberfest

The Oktoberfest is a must-attend event during fall. The Oktoberfest has an endless to-do list; if you have never attended one, you can’t afford to miss it this fall. The beer is perfect, and you will probably have the best and the most you have ever drank.

Oktoberfest also features an endless list of amazing German food, from chicken, pretzels, and pork to bratwursts which you will be having for breakfast. Live bands are also in plenty during this time, promising you a time of your life.

The best part is that many authentic places in the US have Oktoberfest. We are talking about Los Angeles, Ohio, Washington, Phoenix, Atlanta, and Pittsburgh, to mention a few. Look up states that will have the festival this year and start planning.

4. Photography Trips

If you love photography, this is the perfect time for photography trips. The vibrant colors and natural environment give you a perfect opportunity to enjoy photography and hone your skills. The light in the season is also suitable for perfect photos.

There are plenty of routes you can take for the perfect shots; if you know of somewhere there is wildlife, it would take your experience to the next level. The perfect locations for autumn photography would be the state, provincial or national parks.

You are allowed to get creative with photography too. For instance, if you want to capture leaves, you can paint them to add intensity to the photos. You can capture thrown leaves for exciting compositions, take photos of yourself in the golden hour, or pumpkin-themed pictures.

5. Narrow Boating Trip

You can schedule a weekend for a narrow boating trip in the North American canals. Fall is an exciting time for narrow boating to explore canals and rivers. The best part is that the activity appeals to all – you can go with your kids, family, or friends.

A narrow boating holiday will allow you to enjoy the fantastic autumn sights and attractions and explore new territories. You have different boat sizes to meet your needs. They offer plenty of space for the kids to run about, and the working of the boats around rivers and canals will excite them.

There are also many activities offered during the trip, from kayaking, fishing, canoeing, and paddleboarding, which you could immerse yourself in. Narrow boating also works if you want a unique and romantic experience. You could enjoy delicious meals on board as you explore popular sights along your path.

Narrow boating is a unique way to spend your weekend away from the chaos of your daily life. It is the ideal opportunity to get outside and get active.

6. Go Camping

If you are a camping enthusiast, this is the time to indulge in your favorite outdoor activity; there is probably no better time to go camping than fall. Disconnecting from technology and spending time with nature is a great way to recharge and detox.

There is less heat and, therefore, less sweating in fall. The mosquitoes will also not bother you, giving you the most comfortable camping experience. The best part is that you don’t have to drive to a different state; you could set up a camp in your backyard.

Spend your weekend camping, bonding with friends and family over beer; it is an experience you will enjoy and want to indulge in all fall seasons.


There is plenty of fun and relaxing activities you could pleasure yourself with during fall. Autumn has the perfect weather for activities like hiking, camping, and spending time outdoors doing photography or even taking a walk.

Fall also features many events, festivals, and fairs which you could attend with your loved ones or even make new acquittances.

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