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The Fashion Police Have Spoken: Here Are Some Of The Best Fashion Ideas From The 2022 Pre-Fall Collection

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The pre-fall fashion collections have already begun sprinkling out into the fashion world to inspire our wardrobes for the upcoming year. If you’re perplexed by all of this, you’re not alone. Because the language of the fashion world continually perplexes everyone – designers, merchants, and shoppers. Shouldn’t this be the season for seasonless clothing, with layers that can be layered and worn all year?

Also, how should designers present their collections? Do they put on a full-fledged fashion show, or do they schedule private press and merchant meetings and use Look book photographs to show off their collection? In the modern times, it’s a bit confusing and chaotic, to say the least. The fashion world is clearly changing.

While our industry mulls over fashion’s role in climate change, the use of influencers to promote things that will eventually wind up in landfills, and what the pre-fall season means to them, the show must go on, right? The following are a few examples of our favorite trends that have already been presented from pre-fall collections in 2022.

The fashion police have spoken; here are some of the best fashion ideas from the 2022 pre-fall collection
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Photo By @oliviaculpo/Instagram

With this white dress and nude leggings, you can make a statement at any party or function. If you’ve been craving a new look after months of doing nothing to your hair (thanks, quarantine!), it may be time for a fresh new erm, do-over. But what if you don’t want to color your hair or rock a bob? Perhaps, it’s time to consider bangs with your fresh new looks.

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