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6 Benefits of Doing a Digital Detox

Today’s advancements have made our lives easier. Thus, it is not surprising that a lot of us spend so much time using our high-tech gadgets, like smartphones, tablets, and computers. These habits may seem harmless, but they can affect your overall well-being in a negative manner. In fact, taking a break from all your electronic devices even for just a few hours a day can offer several perks. To give you a better idea, here are the various benefits of doing a digital detox.


Technology has given us numerous perks. Various social media platforms, for example, has given us a chance to easily connect with people around the world. Unfortunately, a lot of us check our messages or social media feeds while working, distracting us and decreasing our productivity. Through a digital detox, you’ll discover that it’s perfectly fine to switch off your tablet or cell phone for a couple of hours or days. Eventually, you can adopt this habit in your daily lives. Instead of constantly checking your notifications or multi-tasking, you’ll learn to direct all your attention to your current task, completing it faster and more efficiently.


One of the most valuable benefits of doing a digital detox is promoting better sleep. Keep in mind that light can decrease your body’s melatonin (sleep hormone) production. This effect is beneficial in the morning; however, it can make you feel alert at night, negatively affecting your sleep quality. To make matters worse, the blue light, emitted by electronic devices, has the worst effect on your melatonin production. Because of this result, health experts recommend setting aside your high-tech gadgets at least two hours before your bedtime.


The digital world is a great place to be, especially if you want to learn interesting topics and meet new people. However, several studies have revealed that spending too much time online may also harm your mental health. For example, some of us will start comparing our lives with other people, especially when we see their picture-perfect posts about their recent trips and activities. Because of this, some may feel envious of other people’s lives, causing depression and lowering their self-esteem. Fortunately, a digital detox can help you regain your self-confidence by teaching you to spend less time online and focus more on your goals.


Using our smartphones or tablets while eating is a common scenario today. Unfortunately, this habit may lead to overeating and indigestion. The good news is that one of the core benefits of doing a digital detox is teaching us to set aside our beloved gadgets so we can focus on important matters, like our meals. From there, we can develop mindful eating habits and appreciate our food. When you’re eating out with friends and family, setting aside your cell phone allows you to connect and interact with your loved ones, leading to an enjoyable moment.


A lot of us spend most of our day in front of a computer. After work, some will also check their social media accounts or favorite apps, spending additional time on their computer, tablet, or cell phone. As a result, most of us experience digital eye strain with symptoms like a headache and dry eyes. The worst part is that we feel these discomforts every day that they become a normal part of our lives. If you do a digital detox, especially for more than a day, you’ll notice that your eyes will feel more refreshed and relaxed. From there, you can develop a daily habit of spending at least an hour away from your computer or other electronic devices and let your eyes rest. As mentioned, doing this habit before bedtime can also help promote better sleep.


Finally, the last in this list of benefits of doing a digital detox is creating more time for yourself. As you know, a lot of us spend so much time on our social media accounts, playing games, or watching TV. These electronic devices can definitely entertain us, but they can also lead to a sedentary lifestyle eventually resulting in some health problems. By taking a break from your high-tech gadget, you can have more time to do some self-care practices, like meditating, exercising, or enjoying nature. These activities will not only help strengthen your body but help you find inner peace as well.

Our gadgets were invented to make our lives easier and to have some fun. Go ahead and try a digital detox and see how you feel!


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