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5 Rules to Growing Your Instagram Following for Models

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Instagram models have been blossoming left and right in attempts to gain exposure to the hottest modeling agencies worldwide. This is no surprise as models are the most socially active and visual app providing fashion hungry users with constant access to their favorite designers, models, and hottest celebrities. With Instagram being the go-to social media network for marketing and branding yourself as a model, having a huge Instagram following is very important.

With the perfect pose and glamour shots, you watch as established supermodels gain millions of followers and land high fashion runway shows, cover shoots, and more. You have a small Instagram following, but none the likes of the Kardashians or your up-and-coming Instagram rival. How is it that their Instagram following keeps growing; meanwhile, your posts are collecting dust and going unnoticed?

5 Killer Tips to Increase Instagram Following

You want to know how to match or top the following of your favorite Supermodels? Well, these famous models didn’t develop those social following s overnight. There are a number of factors to posting on Instagram that could not only increase your following but encourage social engagement among your established following. Here are a few killer tips on increasing your Instagram following.

1. Post on Mondays and Sundays

Even though Thursday is the most active day for posting throwback images of times gone, posts published on Sundays and Mondays receive the most user engagement. For more double taps and followers, post throughout the day on Sunday and Monday with loads of hashtags.

2. No Right Time to Post

While there are plenty of reasons not to post in the middle of night, there is no evidence to suggest that these posts receive any less engagement from the Instagram community. Be sure to post at least a minimum of three to four times a day; Instagram accounts that are frequently updated have the most loyal followings. They don’t care when you post, so long as they are entertained and the posts have relevant content.

3. Video Time

While there is no wrong time to posts a bombshell photo, Instagram Videos get more play during the evenings. Specifically, Instagram movies receive tons of interaction between the hours of 9 pm to 8 am. So, post your videos in the afternoons to get maximum engagement.

4. #NoFilter or Mayfair

While more people are getting into the #NoFilter Movement, Instagram Filter Mayfair is ranked one of the most used filters available. This un-obscure image buffering is the least obnoxious and most encouraging filter used to increase community engagement within Instagram.

5. Hashtag Madness

Be sure to use relevant hashtags. Using multiple hashtags allows for your posts and videos to be picked up by more individuals not already following you on Instagram. While we hate captions filled with hashtags, Instagram posts with more than 6-7 hashtags received more than twice the engagement than post with no more than three hashtags. So, annoying or not, insert those hashtags!

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