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Top 5 SEXY Instagram Poses to #Slay

Capture Killer Moments with the Top Five Instagram Poses

Selfies, Silhouettes, and Candids – While prominent celebrities and famed models have made taking the perfect Instagram snapshot seem
easy, it can be harder than you’d imagine to actually capture these same killer moments. We have seen many attempts and failures at Instagram modeling. Avoid the unruly arms in those awkward selfies and crooked grins of discomfort in those candid shots. Here are the Top Five Instagram Poses to slay:

1. The Hair Toss

With either a flip of the head or by tousling your hair with your hands, a disheveled and off-centered selfie can become the highlight of your Instagram reel. With the right lighting and very little need for a filter, you can create a glam shot for the gods.

2. Birds of a Feather [Duck Lips and Sparrow Eyes]

Since the birth of social media, the duck lip pose has become most popular. Forget smiling and supply your viewers with a casual smirk of haughtiness. If pouty lips aren’t your thing, try Sparrow Eyes. It’s all about the doe stare and hollow cheeks. Just open your eyes a little more, allow a haze to wash over your stare, and this time a sneak peek at your pearly whites by partially gapping your lips. Give your following a few angles to enjoy and watch as they fall in love with your fanciful demeanor.

3. #OOTD

It’s not about what you’re doing, but what you’re wearing; this allows you to shine light on your style as well as your body type. Tall and slender, short and voluptuous, be sure to accentuate your body’s highlights. Try holding your shoulders back and extending your neck line; even creating a focal point at your waist line by cupping those curves with your hands.

4. Leg Appeal

Believe it or not, crossing your legs can make all the difference. Think “leg appeal” and supply your followers with a head to toe shot of you.
Allow your Instagram following to adore your creativity.

5. The #LOL Moment

We love a spontaneous burst of laughter. Sharing that laugh with your Instagram family can never fail; it can only make you closer. Be sure to include lifestyle photos that come complete with those ingenuous poses you didn’t mean to hit. That perfectly-hunched shoulder and delicately laced hand covering your coy smile. Yes, a pose unintentionally slayed.

Using any of these poses on Instagram is sure to earn you plenty of double taps and an increase Instagram
followers. With a little creative flair, these poses are sure to slay!

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