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10 Scary & Sexy Halloween Makeup Looks to Copy in 2019

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If you’re like us, you want to get into the Halloween spirit nice and early. Unless you start planning your costume and makeup look on time, you’ll be that boring person that throws on cat ears and calls it a day! After all, there are so many creative and easy Halloween makeup ideas nowadays, so let’s give those cat or bunny ears a break. Another thing that we are obsessed with when it comes to Halloween, are costumes and makeup looks that are scary and sexy at the same time. The looks we’ve prepared for you to get inspired are both super creepy and seductive. The perfect sexy Halloween makeup look for every teste, ahead.

sexy halloween makeup ideas
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Photo By @the_wigs_and_makeup_manager/Instagram

We’ll be honest with you – this look requires mad skills. However, if you have them or have a friend who has them, recreate it and wow them all! It doesn’t have to look the same. You can always modify to something that you can replicate with your creative abilities.

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